10 Grammy ones

13 02 2011

1.  In general, I despise award shows.

2.  They are usually long, boring and involve a bunch of people kissing other people’s butts.

3.  The Grammys are long and involve the kissing of other people’s butts, but … they’re NOT boring. Performances. Singing. Mashes of songs. Groups of entertainers that normally don’t perform together. To me, that’s exciting.

4.  I know so many people watched for Lady Gaga’s performance (not me). I still don’t get her. She’s a good singer, but there’s so much freaky stuff to go along with her. Meat dresses. Eggs. Hair creations. Masks.

5.  People love her and always talk about her, so I guess it’s all part of the plan.

6.  I like the message of her new song,  “Born This Way,” but it sounds very Madonnaesque.

7.  It’s official. After watching Bruno Mars’ performance, I can definitely say he is one of my favorite new artists.

8.  I’ve liked each of his songs a little more than the last, and I love, love, love “Grenade.” I loved his remix of songs on the Grammys. Awesome.

9.  And, in the “not a shock” category, I thought Justin Bieber rocked (Usher, not so much. I’m so over “OMG.” Terrible song.)

10.  I’m still anxiously awaiting Dr. Dre’s performance. Give me Dre!


10 more about music

21 08 2010

1.  OK, I admit it. I’m on a music video-embedding music kick lately.

2. And, I’m not stopping now. I love this song (particularly the Rihanna portion – she sings with such emotion).

3.  And with Rihanna and Megan Fox in the same video, guys lucked out!

4.  This song reminded me of my favorite Usher song: “Burn.”

5.  I listened to this song non-stop for months. Love it.

6.  I also like the “peace up, A-town down” song (otherwise known as “Yeah”). Convenient that it is on the same Ursher (as Ludacris would say) CD.

7.  I fondly remember many car dancing sessions to “Yeah.”

8.  With all of this Usher and Ludacris talk, it makes me think of Justin Bieber.

9.  Why? Usher and Ludacris both have songs with JB.

10.  I never mind a dose of the Bieb.

10 real tears or not?

28 06 2010

1.  Chris Brown did a Michael Jackson melody/tribute at the BET Awards.

2.  I particularly like the “Smooth Criminal” portion. Of course, I always love some “Smooth Criminal.”

3.  Have I ever mentioned that “Smooth Criminal” is a favorite of mine? Why yes, I have.

4.  I think he did a decent job, but no one beats the King of Pop.

5.  Unfortunately, Chris Brown beats his girlfriend. I find it totally despicable and disgusting.

6.  So, the question is: when Chris Brown cries his way through “Man in the Mirror,” is it really for MJ? Or is it for his mistakes, his loss of a career, his luck at getting a gig on the BET Awards, and the fact people are actually applauding him?

7.  I remember Usher crying at MJ’s memorial service after his performance, and everyone claimed it was staged for publicity. But, it seems like Chris Brown needs the publicity WAY more than Usher ever has.

8.  It also seems like Chris Brown is trying to change people’s perception of him from woman beater punk to sensitive, emotional, caring man.

9.  I think that may be a tough sell.

10.   Although, I must admit: he is a great performer (and actor).

10 about the Grammys

1 02 2010

1.  The Michael Jackson tribute was pretty cool — even if I didn’t have the required 3D glasses.

2.  Things looked a little fuzzy and had a reddish-bluish tint, but I got the general idea.

3.  None of the performers put quite the amount of emotion that Michael put into “Earth Song,” but it was still pretty good.

4.  The choices to sing it perplexed me a bit: Celine Dion, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson and Carrie Underwood.

5.  I did love seeing Michael’s kids (Prince and Paris) accept his lifetime achievement award. Although I did get teary-eyed when they both said “We love you, daddy.”

6.  I loved Beyonce’s performance. Throwing in Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know” to her “I’m Just a Boy” rocked.

7.  Of course, I will always love Alanis.

8.  Beyonce’s crotch grab while singing “I’m Just a Boy” made me giggle.

9.  I also loved Jay-Z giving Beyonce a standing ovation and smiling proudly. Oh, how I wish someone would be that proud of me sometime.

10.  No standing ovations in the proofreading world unfortunately.