OK, so it has its 10 good points, too

13 06 2011

1.  Well, after the last post, I felt a little bad — like I dissed my homeland.

2.  The Midwest is a really lovely place, and there are many wonderful things about it.

3.  Like barbecue. Holy cow (and pig)! Kansas City barbecue can’t be beat (especially Arthur Bryant’s).

Yes, I like pickles. OK, LOVE pickles (and sliced pork).

4.  Aside from the “Friends in Low Places” sing-a-long, watching a baseball game at an outdoor stadium is a treat. And with the recent remodeling, Kauffman Stadium is a very lovely place to watch a game.

5.  A sweet (yet very slobbery) dog lives there.

The slobber monster, Dude (my brother’s dog)

6.  Another sweet dog (or pig?) resides there.

The cookie monster, Rodeo (my sister-in-law’s dog)

7.  The prevalent use of the word “pop” to describe soda rocks my world.

Pop, I love. Hogwash? Not sure …

8.  The best university ever resides in the state: Kansas State University (and a large percentage of people wear purple).

9.  My rockin’ brother and sister-in-law live there.

Two awesome people

10.  My awesome dad lives there, too.

He's not in Kansas anymore (in this photo)


10 things I can’t be trusted around

16 08 2010

1.  Lip gloss. I am a sucker for lip gloss of any kind. I love it. If there is a sale on lip gloss, I will stock up in a serious way. My thought is that lip gloss makes a great gift. Unfortunately, it never makes it to the gift stage. I can’t handle having lip gloss in my house without using it.

2.  Jessica Simpson purses, shoes, jewelry, magazines, DVDs, CDs, magazines. As you know by now, I love this girl and all things Jessica Simpson. I’m drawn to these items like a moth to the flame. It is ridiculous.

3.  KangaROOS. I loved these shoes since I was a little girl. Back in the day, I only remember solid color ROOS. These days, they have awesome multi-color patterns and fades. I can’t resist them. I actually counted the number of ROOS that I have, and I am embarrassed to admit that number in writing. Ahem. But, I still want more.

4.  Sesame Street shirts. I am such a fan of Sesame Street and creative, witty T-shirts. Combine the two, and my ability to resist is futile. Imagine the cuteness of the Sesame Street gang, along with a saying like: Running the Streets, Everything I Know I Learned on the Street or I’m So Street. I, for one, cannot resist such cuteness.

5.  Diet Dr. Pepper. I am totally in love with this stuff. If I have it in my house, it’s all I think about. I’m constantly plotting my next opportunity to have some of this deliciousness touch my lips.

6.  Pickles. I have at least one pickle every day (as I think everyone should). I am happy to be past the days of the pickle limit imposed on my brother and me by our parents. We were put on a two pickle per day limit because we ate too many of them if left to our own devices. Sometimes I get wild and crazy and have three pickles per day to break the rules!

7.  Sports equipment. OK, I really wanted to say “balls,” but I can only begin to imagine the comments I would receive. So, sports equipment it is (but, really just the balls). If there is a football, basketball, baseball, rubber ball, any kind of ball used for a sport in my reach, I will throw it or bounce it. I can’t keep my hands off of it. Growing up, I got in trouble many times for throwing balls around the house. Actually, sometimes I still do.

8.  Dean Cain. Now, I don’t know for sure that this is the case since I’ve never been in this gorgeous man’s presence, but I am really assuming this is the case.

9.  Purple anything. I am a sucker for anything purple: shirts, hats, scarves, pants (seriously), sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, rings, purses, laptop bags, etc. It’s my favorite color. Pretty handy that Kansas State’s colors are purple and white — one of the reasons I chose to attend that fine institution.

10.  Celebrity gossip magazines. Even though I know most of the inside info I gain from these publications isn’t true, I still love pouring over every detail. I find them fascinating. I try not to buy them too often, but I must admit that sometimes I purposely look for the longest line at the grocery store so I can read as much as I possibly can while waiting in line.

10 dilly ones

8 06 2010

1.  Dill pickles are a true love of mine.

2.  So much so that I have three different types in my refrigerator now, as well as four jars on standby in the pantry.

3.  It’s something I eat every day. That  is possibly the only similarity between Snookie from “Jersey Shore” and myself.

4.  Snookie: tan, Jina: pale; Snookie: short, Jina: tall; Snookie: cusser, Jina: not a cusser

5.  I’m sure I go on for an unlimited period of time, but those are some of the obvious ones.

6.  Do you ever think about if there is only one food you could eat the rest of your life, what would it be?

7.  My vote is always close between pickles, tomatoes and steak.

8.  But really, just one isn’t very balanced.

9.  So, I’m wondering if a casserole with a combo of meat and vegetables would be a better choice. More bang for your buck that way.

10.  But, I can’t think of any casserole I want to eat for the rest of my life.

10 + 0 = 10

13 05 2010

1.  Baseball + summer = favorite

2.  Tomatoes + pickles = yum

3.  Purple + white = awesome

4.  Sun + Jina’s skin = bad combination

5.  Steak + red wine = heaven

6.  Diet Dr. Pepper + Peeps = delicious

7.  Kansas + State = rockin’

8.  Sports + outdoors = fun

9.  Dean Cain + Superman outfit = hot

10. Lip gloss + shoes = love

A few (10) of my favorite things

21 01 2010

1.  Baseball

2.  Pickles

3.  Diet Dr. Pepper

4.  Tomatoes 

5.  Lip gloss

6.  Shoes

7.  Basketball

8.  Football

9.  Steak (rare please)

10.  Tulips

10 loves

30 12 2009

1.  I love a new year.

2.  I love the idea of resolutions … although sadly I usually break mine.

3.  I love The Hangover. My fabulous boyfriend got if for me for Christmas, and I watched it again last night. 

4.  I love vacation days.

5.  I love long weekends.

6.  I love Diet Dr. Pepper. As mentioned previously, possibly the best beverage.

7.  I love pickles. I could live on them.

8.  I love warm weather.

9.  I love baseball. Countdown is officially on to spring training!

10.  I love purple. Always have, always will.