A nervous (but no need) 10

29 07 2011

1.  So, since I started taking this running thing seriously (and my seriously may not match to others’ definitions of seriously, but I mean running consistently and running races … all 5k races to this point, but races nonetheless), I always get nervous at the prospect of running with other people.

2.  I assume I’ll be the slowest, worst runner and be a pain to whoever has the misfortune of running with me.

3.  Thankfully, this never seems to be the case, but this is my assumption every single time.

4.  So, when a girl invited me to a running group, I was, as usual, nervous.

5.  I avoided it … err, um, had things to do for many weeks.

6.  This week, I finally made it.

7.  My visions of an elite running group of 15 people who run 4-minute miles, with slow Jina stumbling behind them, did not materialize.

8.  The group: 100+ people of all different running (and even walking) levels.

9.  And, guess what? I wasn’t the slowest. And, even if I was, with so many people (who started running at different times between 6-6:30 p.m.), no one would know.

10.  But, most importantly, I had fun (and did something healthy in the process).


A nervous 10

1 02 2011

1.  I’ve been nervous since Jan. 26.

2.  Why, you ask? That is the date I signed up for a 5K race. My first 5K race.

3.  My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

4.  What if I can’t finish it? What if I am last? What if I have to walk? What if I fall?

5.  Typing these out, I realize the silliness of the nervousness. If I can’t finish, try again. If I am last, aim to do better next time. If I have to walk, I have to walk. If I fall, get up and keep going.

6.  Part of my concern stems from the fact that I can’t run 3.1 miles yet, and the race is Feb. 12.

7.  On the positive side, I can run 2.5 miles, and I still have 11 days to add 0.6 miles to that.

8.  I really never thought I’d be able to run that far, so no matter what happens in the 5K, that is a success.

9.  Another concern: the race is at 8 a.m. on a Saturday. What if I oversleep?

10. My stomach still hurts … What if my stomach hurts on race day?