OK, so it has its 10 good points, too

13 06 2011

1.  Well, after the last post, I felt a little bad — like I dissed my homeland.

2.  The Midwest is a really lovely place, and there are many wonderful things about it.

3.  Like barbecue. Holy cow (and pig)! Kansas City barbecue can’t be beat (especially Arthur Bryant’s).

Yes, I like pickles. OK, LOVE pickles (and sliced pork).

4.  Aside from the “Friends in Low Places” sing-a-long, watching a baseball game at an outdoor stadium is a treat. And with the recent remodeling, Kauffman Stadium is a very lovely place to watch a game.

5.  A sweet (yet very slobbery) dog lives there.

The slobber monster, Dude (my brother’s dog)

6.  Another sweet dog (or pig?) resides there.

The cookie monster, Rodeo (my sister-in-law’s dog)

7.  The prevalent use of the word “pop” to describe soda rocks my world.

Pop, I love. Hogwash? Not sure …

8.  The best university ever resides in the state: Kansas State University (and a large percentage of people wear purple).

9.  My rockin’ brother and sister-in-law live there.

Two awesome people

10.  My awesome dad lives there, too.

He's not in Kansas anymore (in this photo)


10 more about summer music love

4 08 2010

1.  I’m not a huge Maroon 5 fan, but I love, love, love this video!

2.  I think it’s such a fun way to illustrate this song.

3.  And it goes along fabulously with the fun summer music theme.

4.  Does Adam Levine look like someone else famous? Or it may be someone I know? I can’t put my finger on it …

5.  I love the model’s short, painted nails. I never have long nails (unless they are fake).

6.  I also love the model’s long hair. I think my hair is long, and then I see someone with hair like this. Darn. My hair is short. Gotta keep growing it.

7.  Another song that I love that I was reminded of recently during my trips to Tropicana Field: “California Love” (love the song, hate the video).

8.  Why “California Love” in Florida?, you ask. The Rays do a special on the All-Star Game (Carl Crawford, David Price, Evan Longoria and Rafael Soriano — you rock!) on the video board before the games, which took place in, you guessed it, California.

9.  I like Tupac, but his songs always make me sad. I hate all the violence surrounding East Coast-West Coast rap. Just seems really pointless.

10.  I am thankful to be from the Midwest originally so I can like both East Coast and West Coast rappers (or at least I’m assuming that’s how it works).