I don’t wanna live here 10

6 06 2011

1.  Since I moved from Kansas almost nine years ago (Holy crapola! Time flies), I kept thinking it was a slight possibility (and maybe a slight desire) that I would move back.

2.  I love-love-love Florida, but Kansas still feels like home. But after this trip, I just don’t want to move back anymore.

3.  Family is in Kansas, and that is the only thing that could draw me back.

3.  Getting off the plane in late May to cloudy, rainy and cold weather is totally unacceptable to me.

4.  Living in a small town is just not for me anymore either. I love city life.

5.  I need more entertainment options than eating out or watching a movie. I need more entertainment options that are available and open 24 hours per day (not just in the summer months or not just until 10 p.m.).

6.  I need diversity (people, food, culture).

7.  I want to go to a Major League Baseball game and not have a sing-a-long to Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.” Um, seriously?

I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture during the Garth Brooks' sing-a-long. I think I was in shock, making camera use impossible.

8.  I enjoy not having allergies … to everything.

9.  I enjoy not having the weather be my main topic of conversation (or Facebook status). I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “It was cold yesterday” or “It’s really hot today.”

10.  Did I mention the weather? I hate the cold.


5 + 5 =10

3 08 2010

1.  Five baseball games in five days — five of the best days ever!

2.  I thought maybe after three or four games, I may get to the point that I didn’t want to go to any more games. I thought I may get tired of the daily trek to the ballpark. Wrong.

3.  Each game we arrived when the gates opened (an hour and a half to two hours early depending on the day) and stayed about an hour after the game until most of the players left.

4.  Thanks to this, I now know what cars Carl Crawford, BJ Upton, David Price, Evan Longoria and Derek Jeter drive (and how they dress after a game).

5.  The Rays record during our game-going stretch: 4-1 — and three of those games were against the Yankees. Pretty darn impressive.

An orange dome at Tropicana Field = Tampa Bay Rays win

6.  Alex Rodriguez was sitting on 599 home runs when he came into town. And he still was at 599 when he left town.

7.  I really was hoping to see baseball history, but thanks to A-Rod the Choke Artist, I missed out.

Matt Garza vs. Alex Rodriguez. Garza won that battle.

8.  He had u-g-l-y at-bats. I knew after his first at-bat that we wouldn’t see him hit home run number 600. OK, so I probably didn’t know that (not being a psychic), but I had a pretty good feeling.

Thinking that baseball history could be made with one swing of A-Rod's bat, I diligently kept score so I would have a memento of his historic feat. As you can tell, this wasn't necessary.

9.  It was still fun to know that it was a possibility (slight as it may be) each time he came to the plate.

10.  But, it was also fun to cheer each time he got out.

California love 10

2 06 2010

1.  I am going to California this month.

2.  On the list of things to do: hit Napa Valley and go to an Oakland A’s game.

3.  I loved the A’s from a young age due solely to Jose Canseco.

My favorite player. Always.

4.  Going to a game there will rock. I hope there are still some Jose vibes left.

5.  Everyone keeps telling me to be careful. I’ve heard the rumors that Oakland is dangerous, but should I be concerned about going to an afternoon Major League Baseball game there?

6.  Granted, I will be going by myself because my traveling partner will be occupied during the day, but it is a 12:35 p.m. game. Broad daylight.

7.  Not that if it’s dangerous it is going to keep me from going, but I just can’t believe it could really be THAT bad.

8.  I am also super pumped about Napa Valley.

9.  I went on a winery tour in Canada, and I loved it. It was a combo of wine tasting and agriculture: two of my favorites.

10.  Plus, Canada rocks! Or at least the Niagara Falls region does …