10 about the vest

16 06 2011

1.  I can’t say I was sad when I learned of Jim Tressel’s resignation.

2.  I’ve always felt that the former Ohio State football coach was too goody-goody to be true, and that turned out to be true.

3.  Tressel’s willingness to bend the rules and overlook violations contradicted everything he stood for (supposedly).

4.  I got so sick of Ohio State fans touting his squeaky-clean image and his squeaky-clean program. Oops. Guess he or it isn’t so squeaky clean.

5.  The “that would never happen at Ohio State” comment is now null and void. Thank goodness. I really got tired of hearing it.

6.  I think my dislike of Tressel developed because Ohio State is always on TV.

7.  And, they have those stupid stickers on their helmets. I despise those stickers. Why do they treat college-age men like first graders?

Yes, I belong to a man, not an elementary-age child.

8.  Another irritation: The Ohio State University. Ugh. That sounds so uppity.

9.  And, the sweater vest. I like sweater vests on guys; I think it’s a good look. I just don’t seem to like coaches in sweater vests (Rick Neuheisel, ugh. Jim Tressel, ugh.).

10.  I love the billboard in Michigan that reads: “LIAR, LIAR, VEST ON FIRE!” Awesome. Just awesome.