I don’t wanna live here 10

6 06 2011

1.  Since I moved from Kansas almost nine years ago (Holy crapola! Time flies), I kept thinking it was a slight possibility (and maybe a slight desire) that I would move back.

2.  I love-love-love Florida, but Kansas still feels like home. But after this trip, I just don’t want to move back anymore.

3.  Family is in Kansas, and that is the only thing that could draw me back.

3.  Getting off the plane in late May to cloudy, rainy and cold weather is totally unacceptable to me.

4.  Living in a small town is just not for me anymore either. I love city life.

5.  I need more entertainment options than eating out or watching a movie. I need more entertainment options that are available and open 24 hours per day (not just in the summer months or not just until 10 p.m.).

6.  I need diversity (people, food, culture).

7.  I want to go to a Major League Baseball game and not have a sing-a-long to Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.” Um, seriously?

I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture during the Garth Brooks' sing-a-long. I think I was in shock, making camera use impossible.

8.  I enjoy not having allergies … to everything.

9.  I enjoy not having the weather be my main topic of conversation (or Facebook status). I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “It was cold yesterday” or “It’s really hot today.”

10.  Did I mention the weather? I hate the cold.


10 sad ones

27 03 2010

1.  Apparently, double overtime really takes it out of a team.

2.  Apparently, it also makes a team shoot lots of bricks.

3.  That being said, Kansas State lost.

4.  It was a nice run, and a nice change from the norm (of sucky basketball).

5.  I will still wear my purple proudly.

6.  I guess I will root for Baylor in the tournament now — representin’ the Big 12!

7.  Although please note that if Kansas was still in the tournament, I would not root for them. In fact, I will never, never, never cheer for them. Ever.

8.  I feel like I still owe a great deal of gratitude to the University of Northern Iowa.

9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for beating those nasty Jayhawks.

10.  I tried to end this on a happy note, but I am still kind of sad.

10 from a slacker

23 03 2010

1.  I am a slacker. I haven’t updated in a while.

2.  Work is busy. Nights were busy with baseball games. Weekend was busy with baseball games.

3.  But, I still had time to update. Oh, well. Here’s to starting fresh … again!

4.  I went to my first sweet, sweet spring training games of the year.

5.  My favorite matchup: Yankees vs. Rays. I was for the Rays.

Oh, what a glorious night!

6.  Unfortunately, I had to cover up my BJ Upton shirt with a Rays hooded sweatshirt and two jackets over that. It is still too cold for Florida.

7.  I also looked very similar to the Michelin Man. Or Grimace. Take your pick.

8.  Carlos Pena hit a homerun, but the Rays lost.

9.  Derek Jeter looked fabulous as usual.

10.  How about Kansas State in the Sweet 16?!? I never thought I would see it happen. I am a happy girl. Even happier since Kansas lost to Northern Iowa (who?).

10 on the dreaded day

4 03 2010

1.  Jessica Simpson was on Oprah yesterday, and somehow I screwed up recording it.

2.  I am still hoping I can find it on demand or online.

3.  I did see highlights on the entertainment shows, and she looked fabulous, seemed funny, genuine and generally awesome (as usual).

4.  I saw her in concert almost a year ago, and she was incredible.

This was taken during her alleged "fat" times. Pffft! She looks fabulous (as usual).

5.  I missed the Kansas State-Kansas game last night. I thought I got it on TV (since the alumni group here was having a watch party) … apparently not.

6.  Apparently I didn’t miss much, though.

7.  I will still always like purple better than blue (and red).

8.  I will still always wonder what a Jayhawk really is.

9.  Thursdays are usually my least favorite day, but today hasn’t been too bad.

10.  Maybe it’s because it is only my second day at work this week. Hmm … I may have found a solution to this dreaded Thursday problem.

A lazy Sunday 10

31 01 2010

1.  Does anyone care about the Pro Bowl?

2.  I would consider myself a fan of the NFL, but I have no desire whatsoever to watch the Pro Bowl.

3.  They took away my only reason for watching it before — admiring the Hawaii scenery. 

My previous reason for watching the Pro Bowl: shots of Hawaii scenery

4.  I am excited about watching the Grammys tonight, though.

5.  I am anxiously awaiting the Michael Jackson tribute and the appearance by his kids.

6.  I may possibly cry. I hate to admit it, but there is a decent chance.

7.  Speaking of crying, Kansas State lost to Kansas last night 81-79 in overtime.

8.  Somehow, in St. Petersburg, Fla., I ended up at a bar with Kansas fans.

9.  I had the urge to kick them in the teeth, but I refrained.

10.  They were actually pretty nice (for KU fans). A little too touchy-feely, but nice.

Thursdays bite, but I still managed 10

28 01 2010

1.  Dozer, the white boxer, may need a home soon. I don’t know how I could ever resist. 

I think he is saying, "Jina rocks. I want to live with her."

2.  Plus, I always said “If Dozer ever needs a home, let me know,” not really thinking that would ever be the situation. 

3.  Now the trick will be getting him from Kansas to Florida.

4.  I will always try a new lip gloss: always.

5.  That being said, I recently got a new one to try.

6.  I didn’t really read much about it, I was just drawn to the melon scent, and the fact that it was called Yes to Carrots.

7.  After arriving home and inspecting (and trying out) my purchase, I realized it is certified USDA organic. I never even thought about organic lip gloss.

8.  Oh, and one of the ingredients is carrot.

9.  I called my dentist’s office this week for an appointment for a cleaning.

10.  I knew it wouldn’t be immediate, but I was hoping for an appointment in the next few months. First available appointment: June 1!

10 misses (or not)

6 01 2010

1.  Oh, how I do not miss the snowy, cold winter of Kansas. Unfortunately, it is pretty darn cold (That’s right. I said it: COLD.) in Florida now. 

2.  I miss those 70-degree days that I thought Florida was known for in the winter.  

Part of my winter wear

  3.  I also miss having a matching coat, scarf and gloves. Apparently, I thought I wouldn’t need those items in Florida and ditched them before moving here. I am now using the gloves I wore as a snowman for Halloween one year, along with a non-matching scarf (not sure what happened to the snowman scarf … probably left it in Kansas since I wouldn’t need it in Florida).   

4.  I miss my old job on cold days. I always went out to the strawberry fields to get photos of the ice protecting the plants and fruit. I got some really rockin’ photos — even a cover shot. 

5.  That may be one of the very few instances that I actually miss not having a set schedule and working from home. 

6.  I miss nothing else. Except the UPS guy.  

I miss you!

7.  Wait. One more thing: I miss listening to Jim Rome. 

8.  I miss baseball. Always.  

9.  I do not miss seeing the Red Sox play (unless they lose). 

10.  I really do not miss seeing Kevin Youkilis bat.