A remembering MJ 10

25 06 2011

1.  Two years ago today, the King of Pop died.

2.  It is one of those days that I’ll always remember.

3.  Two years ago, I was surprised at the sadness I felt. I’m surprised I still feel that sadness now.

4.  I’m not the crazy-obsessed Michael Jackson fan. I reserve that for Jessica Simpson and Jose Canseco.

5.  But, I’ve always loved his music and his moves.

6.  And, he’s been with me throughout my life. I remember roller skating to his music in the early days, dancing to it at school dances and doing both still today. (Side note: The roller rink floor is a lot farther down than it used to be, and there are all these kids flying by at knee level. YIKES!)

7.  I can’t determine a favorite song. I can’t even think of one I don’t like. Lately, I’ve been jamming to “Human Nature.”

8.  I do have a favorite video: “Smooth Criminal.”

9.  While watching MJ videos today, I found a cool a cappella tribute.

10.  Keep rockin’, MJ!


10 about a dream that came true

28 06 2010

1.  I finally made it to Oakland Coliseum after many years of dreaming of going there.

2.  Ideally, it would have been when Jose Canseco was playing for the A’s. I was just about 18 years too late.

3.  That’s OK. I still felt the Jose vibes. I really couldn’t find any reminders that Jose played there besides some baseball cards (that I already own) in one of the gift shops. And the beautiful 1989 World Series flag: a definite highlight!

4.  In the parking lot, in absolute awe, I said: “It’s been a dream of mine to come here my whole life.”

5.  My boyfriend’s reply: “You aim low.”

6.  Hmph! Apparently, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a Jose Canseco and Oakland A’s fan since the age of 8.

7.  I distinctly remember my ninth birthday being one of the best. Among the presents received: Jose Canseco poster, Oakland A’s hat and tickets to see the Royals vs. the A’s.

8.  I remember checking the paper every day to see Jose’s stats, and watching him on TV or in person at every opportunity.

9.  Ah, the glory days of the Bash Brothers. Sadly, things changed significantly from those days.

10.  But, being a loyal fan, that hasn’t changed things a bit, and I was a very happy girl visiting Jose’s former home.

California love 10

2 06 2010

1.  I am going to California this month.

2.  On the list of things to do: hit Napa Valley and go to an Oakland A’s game.

3.  I loved the A’s from a young age due solely to Jose Canseco.

My favorite player. Always.

4.  Going to a game there will rock. I hope there are still some Jose vibes left.

5.  Everyone keeps telling me to be careful. I’ve heard the rumors that Oakland is dangerous, but should I be concerned about going to an afternoon Major League Baseball game there?

6.  Granted, I will be going by myself because my traveling partner will be occupied during the day, but it is a 12:35 p.m. game. Broad daylight.

7.  Not that if it’s dangerous it is going to keep me from going, but I just can’t believe it could really be THAT bad.

8.  I am also super pumped about Napa Valley.

9.  I went on a winery tour in Canada, and I loved it. It was a combo of wine tasting and agriculture: two of my favorites.

10.  Plus, Canada rocks! Or at least the Niagara Falls region does …

10 facts about me

30 12 2009

1.  I am a serious procrastinator.

2.  I overuse the phrase, “That rocks.”

3.  I once hated Peeps and got grossed out by anyone else eating them, but now they are a true love of mine. I even belong to the Peeps Fan Club. 

A true love

4.  I am addicted to celeb-reality shows. I love(d) “The TO Show,” “My Fair Brady,” “Girls Next Door,” “The Surreal Life” (especially when Jose Canseco was on), etc. I’ll even watch “For the Love of Ray J” or “Rock of Love.”

5.  The dog park makes me nervous. I’m always worried that my dog is going to climb the fence after a squirrel (which she has done multiple times), get attacked by a Greyhound (which happened once), or uncharacteristically attack a small child (which has never happened), but I keep going back.

6.  I’m terrified of dark water.

7.  I love sports. I love playing them (softball and volleyball) and watching them (baseball, football and basketball).

8.  I want to be in a boxer’s posse.

9.  I constantly bite my fingernails, which is why I had acrylic nails for SO long.

10.  I am clumsy.