A remembering MJ 10

25 06 2011

1.  Two years ago today, the King of Pop died.

2.  It is one of those days that I’ll always remember.

3.  Two years ago, I was surprised at the sadness I felt. I’m surprised I still feel that sadness now.

4.  I’m not the crazy-obsessed Michael Jackson fan. I reserve that for Jessica Simpson and Jose Canseco.

5.  But, I’ve always loved his music and his moves.

6.  And, he’s been with me throughout my life. I remember roller skating to his music in the early days, dancing to it at school dances and doing both still today. (Side note: The roller rink floor is a lot farther down than it used to be, and there are all these kids flying by at knee level. YIKES!)

7.  I can’t determine a favorite song. I can’t even think of one I don’t like. Lately, I’ve been jamming to “Human Nature.”

8.  I do have a favorite video: “Smooth Criminal.”

9.  While watching MJ videos today, I found a cool a cappella tribute.

10.  Keep rockin’, MJ!


10 for a new month

1 02 2011

1. Of all the songs I like, I never thought I’d get mocked for liking this one:

2.  I thought Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, boy band or MC Hammer songs were the more likely choices.

3.  Despite the mocking, I love this song. I love the emotion, the words, his voice, his inflection … OK, pretty much everything about it (except the video).

4.  Plus, I love singing to it in the car. And doing dramatic hand motions with it (a la the Celine Dion chest thump).

5.  Speaking of Celine Dion, someone in my building was blasting Celine Dion the other day. I guess that’s what I get for living with the 70+ crowd.

6.  I wanted to blast some Tupac to counteract, but I knew I’d get in trouble. So, I just thought about doing it, and it made me smile.

7.  After a weekend in Jacksonville, I can say that it’s a huge city, but I had a very difficult time finding things to do. So, I went to state parks for hiking and running two of the three days there.

One day of fun in Jacksonville


The reward at the end of the trail

8.  It was enjoyable, so I’m not complaining. Well, maybe I am complaining about that pesky tree root that tripped me while I was running. But, other than that, completely enjoyable.

9.  Maggie makes every trip awesome, so it doesn’t matter where I go.

A rare moment when Maggie is awake in the car

  10.  She spends her time in the car sleeping and snoring loudly.

10 about JS love

30 11 2010

1.  Yes, I realize this blog is a bit of a Jessica Simpson love fest.

2.  Welcome to my life.

3.  So, my life tonight: watching with pride as Jessica (with John Britt) sang “I’ll be Home for Christmas” at the Rockefeller tree lighting.

4.  I’m sure you’ll join the Jessica Simpson love fest after watching the video.

5.  She has an incredible voice. She’s beautiful, funny, generous. She designs great shoes and purses. What’s not to love?

6.  Oh, some people say she’s fat.

7.  Others say she’s annoying.

8.  Still others say she’s stupid.

9.  And, some people find her facial expressions irritating.

10.  These people are fat, annoying, stupid and irritating.*

*Note: I felt really mean after I typed that. These people are not necessarily fat, annoying, stupid and irritating. They have their right to their opinion, and I shouldn’t call them names because of it … but, they shouldn’t call Jessica names either.

Dreaming of reunions 10

29 11 2010

1.  While driving home from the dog park listening to the radio (the station that plays all Christmas music through Christmas day because that’s how I roll), we heard “O Holy Night.”

2.  A big “UGH!” came out of my boyfriend’s mouth.

3.  I usually have the same reaction when I see this song on the program for Christmas Eve service at church.

4.  It never fails that some woman warbles this incredibly LONG song with dreams of becoming an opera star (but doesn’t have the talent). Sorry to the opera-dreaming warbling women out there. Sadly, you don’t know who you are.

5.  The *NSYNC version, on the other hand, is not UGH! at all.

6.  I love a good boy band. And, *NSYNC is the best.

7.  I’m still holding out hope for a reunion … and, if Justin Timberlake is too busy making movies, maybe 98 Degrees can reunite.

8.  Hosting “The Sing-Off” really can’t be that lucrative for Nick Lachey, can it?

9.  They can bust out a Christmas song in true boy band fashion, too.

10.  I hope for a Nick Lachey-Jessica Simpson reunion, too. That is probably the least likely of my reunion dreams to happen since they are both engaged to different people. I shall continue to live in the past by watching old “Newlyweds” episodes …

10 about a rockin’ Thanksgiving

29 11 2010

1.  Well, Thanksgiving rocked. How can it not? Two days off from work + delicious food + Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade + Dallas Cowboys football + shopping = awesome.

2.  I woke up at 8:30 on Thanksgiving morning so as not to miss a minute of the parade. Oh, also to start cooking. Well, mainly roasting. The turkey, that is.

3.  The announcer teased me for about 2 hours and 40 minutes. The beautiful and talented Jessica Simpson finally made her appearance around 11:40. She is so worth the wait.

4.  Unfortunately, the Cowboys were not worth the wait. Reggie Bush (complete hotness) really tried to give them the game, but they wouldn’t take it.

5.  My dad called after the game and said, “Are you sure you still want this Terrence Newman shirt on your Christmas list?”

6.  He gave up a huge play, but yes, I still love some Terrence Newman.

7.  Over the break, I watched “Notorious.” Again. It may or may not be the fifth time I’ve seen the movie. Ahem.

8.  In one scene, Biggie prays for a family dinner. His prayer: “Dear God, thank you.” His mom asks if that is all. His response: “Yeah.”

9.  I love the simplicity. Nothing else is needed.

10.  Thank you.

10 things I can handle (or not)

22 11 2010

1.  A three-day work week. I can handle that.

2.  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with Jessica Simpson. I can totally handle that. 

3.  Cooking Thanksgiving meal. I can handle that.

4.  Eating Thanksgiving meal. I can handle that.

5.  Eating turkey leftovers for the next week. I can even handle that. 

6.  Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day. I can handle that.

7.  Movies on Thanksgiving night. I can handle that.

8.  Decorating for Christmas. I can handle that. 

Maggie loves sleeping under the just-decorated tree.

9.  Listening to (Elvis and Frank Sinatra) Christmas music. I can handle that.

10.  Going back to work after a long, fun weekend. I’m not sure I can handle that.

10 things I can’t be trusted around

16 08 2010

1.  Lip gloss. I am a sucker for lip gloss of any kind. I love it. If there is a sale on lip gloss, I will stock up in a serious way. My thought is that lip gloss makes a great gift. Unfortunately, it never makes it to the gift stage. I can’t handle having lip gloss in my house without using it.

2.  Jessica Simpson purses, shoes, jewelry, magazines, DVDs, CDs, magazines. As you know by now, I love this girl and all things Jessica Simpson. I’m drawn to these items like a moth to the flame. It is ridiculous.

3.  KangaROOS. I loved these shoes since I was a little girl. Back in the day, I only remember solid color ROOS. These days, they have awesome multi-color patterns and fades. I can’t resist them. I actually counted the number of ROOS that I have, and I am embarrassed to admit that number in writing. Ahem. But, I still want more.

4.  Sesame Street shirts. I am such a fan of Sesame Street and creative, witty T-shirts. Combine the two, and my ability to resist is futile. Imagine the cuteness of the Sesame Street gang, along with a saying like: Running the Streets, Everything I Know I Learned on the Street or I’m So Street. I, for one, cannot resist such cuteness.

5.  Diet Dr. Pepper. I am totally in love with this stuff. If I have it in my house, it’s all I think about. I’m constantly plotting my next opportunity to have some of this deliciousness touch my lips.

6.  Pickles. I have at least one pickle every day (as I think everyone should). I am happy to be past the days of the pickle limit imposed on my brother and me by our parents. We were put on a two pickle per day limit because we ate too many of them if left to our own devices. Sometimes I get wild and crazy and have three pickles per day to break the rules!

7.  Sports equipment. OK, I really wanted to say “balls,” but I can only begin to imagine the comments I would receive. So, sports equipment it is (but, really just the balls). If there is a football, basketball, baseball, rubber ball, any kind of ball used for a sport in my reach, I will throw it or bounce it. I can’t keep my hands off of it. Growing up, I got in trouble many times for throwing balls around the house. Actually, sometimes I still do.

8.  Dean Cain. Now, I don’t know for sure that this is the case since I’ve never been in this gorgeous man’s presence, but I am really assuming this is the case.

9.  Purple anything. I am a sucker for anything purple: shirts, hats, scarves, pants (seriously), sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, rings, purses, laptop bags, etc. It’s my favorite color. Pretty handy that Kansas State’s colors are purple and white — one of the reasons I chose to attend that fine institution.

10.  Celebrity gossip magazines. Even though I know most of the inside info I gain from these publications isn’t true, I still love pouring over every detail. I find them fascinating. I try not to buy them too often, but I must admit that sometimes I purposely look for the longest line at the grocery store so I can read as much as I possibly can while waiting in line.