I don’t wanna live here 10

6 06 2011

1.  Since I moved from Kansas almost nine years ago (Holy crapola! Time flies), I kept thinking it was a slight possibility (and maybe a slight desire) that I would move back.

2.  I love-love-love Florida, but Kansas still feels like home. But after this trip, I just don’t want to move back anymore.

3.  Family is in Kansas, and that is the only thing that could draw me back.

3.  Getting off the plane in late May to cloudy, rainy and cold weather is totally unacceptable to me.

4.  Living in a small town is just not for me anymore either. I love city life.

5.  I need more entertainment options than eating out or watching a movie. I need more entertainment options that are available and open 24 hours per day (not just in the summer months or not just until 10 p.m.).

6.  I need diversity (people, food, culture).

7.  I want to go to a Major League Baseball game and not have a sing-a-long to Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.” Um, seriously?

I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture during the Garth Brooks' sing-a-long. I think I was in shock, making camera use impossible.

8.  I enjoy not having allergies … to everything.

9.  I enjoy not having the weather be my main topic of conversation (or Facebook status). I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “It was cold yesterday” or “It’s really hot today.”

10.  Did I mention the weather? I hate the cold.


10 about the most wonderful time of the year

29 03 2011

1.  It’s my favorite time of year in Florida: spring training time!

2.  Dad visits, and we hit baseball games each day.

3.  This year: four (Yankees) games in four days. 

Yankees vs. Blue Jays

4.  AJ Burnett had an ugly outing. Derek Jeter is far from anything remotely ugly.

AJ's u-g-l-y outing

5.  Mariano Rivera pitched a lights-out inning.

6.  Alex Rodriguez hit home runs in two games, but I didn’t see Cameron Diaz, who is supposedly in town to watch her man.

7.  I saw Yogi Berra, who is the cutest man; Reggie Jackson, who isn’t the friendliest of fellas; and Lou Piniella, who is not sweet (as his nickname may lead you to believe). 

8.  I saw Manny Ramirez in a Rays’ uniform, and I liked it.

9.  I saw Johnny Damon in left field for the Rays. I liked it, but he made me miss Carl Crawford.

10.  I avoided sunburn! Huge victory for the extremely pale-skinned girl!

It’s summer! Here’s 10!

29 05 2010

1.  Due to those pesky things called work and normal everyday life, I sometimes forget that I live in paradise.

2.  Fortunately, days off allow me to realize how fortunate I really am.

Ah! This is the life.

3.  Although the resulting sunburn from spending time on this beautiful beach reminded me of why I usually avoid it during daylight hours.

4.  Memorial Day signals the start of summer. And, boy, do I love summer!

5.  Of course, in Florida, summer really isn’t that different from spring (or fall, for that matter), but I love it just the same.

6.  I love hot days and warm nights. I love long daylight hours. I love swimming and barbeques. I love baseball. Summer really is ideal for me.

7.  For some reason, “In Da Club” always makes me feel like it’s summer.

8.  I was super pumped to hear it today on my way to do summer things: hang out at the pool with friends and eat delicious barbeque.

9.  For some reason, I have a special place in my heart for 50 Cent.

10.  I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s just due to this summer anthem. And, the way he raps “I’m a’ight.” Love that part.

A Tuesday 10

16 03 2010

1.  I got the first baseball game of the season under my belt with many more to come.

2.  I saw an interesting mix of people playing in the charity game: former Major Leaguers (Brian Jordan to Goose Gossage), former NFL quarterback (Doug Flutie) and some country singer (Jason Aldean?). 

3.  I was frozen by the time the game was over. It is still too cold for Florida. You shouldn’t need to wear furry boots to a spring training game.

4.  Jessica Simpson was on Dave Letterman’s show last week. She was fabulous.

5.  The poor girl had to talk about her weight … AGAIN.

6.  Anyone that calls a size 2 fat is insane. Completely and totally insane.

7.  Her show, “The Price of Beauty” debuted last night. It rocked.

8.  I also watched “Kendra” on Sunday. I love her show.

9.  It was kind of sad because she is concerned about her weight, too.

10.  Apparently, I have a TV show type: ditzy blonde with weight “issues.”

10 on the worst day of the week

25 02 2010

1.  I used to be anti fruit on salad. I recently turned pro.

2.  I now like apples, pears, cranberries or blueberries on salads.

3.  I forgot to mention this in my “I got a new phone!” post, but while I was waiting at Verizon (Note: Going at 1 p.m. on a weekday afternoon does not mean missing the crowd), I met a sports agent who represents baseball players.

4.  He was hoping Verizon could help him recover the 600+ (!!!) phone numbers he had in one of his three (!!!) phones. He dropped it in his pool that morning.

5.  Speaking of baseball, it is now officially the best time to live in Florida.

6.  I get a little irritated at people who claim they are too busy to eat lunch or too busy to go to the restroom.

7.  If you are really that busy, maybe you need a new job. Or maybe you’re Donald Trump.

8.  But, I have a feeling that you’re really not that busy, and everyone should expect that you can take five minutes to go grab lunch or go to the restroom.

9.  I also get a little irritated at people that can’t take the time to be nice.

10.  Actually it doesn’t take time or that much effort. Just do it!

Thursdays bite, but I still managed 10

28 01 2010

1.  Dozer, the white boxer, may need a home soon. I don’t know how I could ever resist. 

I think he is saying, "Jina rocks. I want to live with her."

2.  Plus, I always said “If Dozer ever needs a home, let me know,” not really thinking that would ever be the situation. 

3.  Now the trick will be getting him from Kansas to Florida.

4.  I will always try a new lip gloss: always.

5.  That being said, I recently got a new one to try.

6.  I didn’t really read much about it, I was just drawn to the melon scent, and the fact that it was called Yes to Carrots.

7.  After arriving home and inspecting (and trying out) my purchase, I realized it is certified USDA organic. I never even thought about organic lip gloss.

8.  Oh, and one of the ingredients is carrot.

9.  I called my dentist’s office this week for an appointment for a cleaning.

10.  I knew it wouldn’t be immediate, but I was hoping for an appointment in the next few months. First available appointment: June 1!

A cold 10

8 01 2010

1.  Sleep is not overrated. 

2.  Snow flurries possible? In Florida? Madness, I tell you. Madness! 

3.  Due to the unfavorable conditions, I will be happy to stay inside on Saturday and watch Kansas State basketball. What am I saying? I would be happy to do that anyway.  

Maggie's favorite player is Terence Newman. Sounds eerily familiar.

4.  I will also be happy to watch the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs — as will my dog (she is a big fan).   

5.  Softball season starts next Friday, and we have not had the rigorous practice schedule that I was hoping for to turn our woes around. 

6.  I was really hoping to build on our two-win season. 

7.  I am anxiously awaiting my opportunity (March) to get a new phone (new every two — thanks Verizon). 

8.  I think I must have extra-sticky teeth. No matter what I eat, it ends up stuck between my teeth. 

9.  I am a huge fan of floss. Huge. 

10.  After months, I have finally found the elusive USB cable for my camera! Of course, I want a new camera now.