OK, so it has its 10 good points, too

13 06 2011

1.  Well, after the last post, I felt a little bad — like I dissed my homeland.

2.  The Midwest is a really lovely place, and there are many wonderful things about it.

3.  Like barbecue. Holy cow (and pig)! Kansas City barbecue can’t be beat (especially Arthur Bryant’s).

Yes, I like pickles. OK, LOVE pickles (and sliced pork).

4.  Aside from the “Friends in Low Places” sing-a-long, watching a baseball game at an outdoor stadium is a treat. And with the recent remodeling, Kauffman Stadium is a very lovely place to watch a game.

5.  A sweet (yet very slobbery) dog lives there.

The slobber monster, Dude (my brother’s dog)

6.  Another sweet dog (or pig?) resides there.

The cookie monster, Rodeo (my sister-in-law’s dog)

7.  The prevalent use of the word “pop” to describe soda rocks my world.

Pop, I love. Hogwash? Not sure …

8.  The best university ever resides in the state: Kansas State University (and a large percentage of people wear purple).

9.  My rockin’ brother and sister-in-law live there.

Two awesome people

10.  My awesome dad lives there, too.

He's not in Kansas anymore (in this photo)


10 photos from my brother’s wedding weekend

9 07 2010

1.  My brother, Jeff, and his now-wife, Karissa, at rehearsal (love, love, love her dress)

2.  Dad and daughter (me) at the rehearsal dinner

3.  Lunch the day of the wedding was at McDonald’s (quick, close and easy) and called for goofiness

4.  More goofiness (can’t pick my favorite)

5.  Brother and sister by the wedding get-away vehicle

6.  Officially Mr. and Mrs. (love, love, love her dress)!

7.  Cake time (best-tasting wedding cake ever)

8.  Sister and brother

9.  Dad and children (apparently, I got the only pale gene in the family)

10.  Celebrate!

A little warmer 10

13 01 2010

1.  Basketball doesn’t hurt my stomach so badly if my team is winning via a blowout.

2.  Thanks No. 12 Kansas State for beating Texas A&M by 23 points last night.

3.  On Tuesday, I honestly thought the next day was Friday. Not a good sign.

4.  In watching Season 2 of “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” (thanks Santa a.k.a. Dad), I noticed the extreme shininess of Terri Hatcher’s hair. Amazing! 

Can't ... look ... away (except for a second to notice shiny hair)

5.  Yes, I stopped looking at Dean Cain long enough to notice her hair. Amazing! 

6.  I’m over Facebook. It was fun for a while, but that while is over.

7.  I am so thankful to have found ex-boyfriends, mean people from high school, random people I may have met less than five times, and some people who I still haven’t figured out how I know them. 

8.  Seriously though, it did facilitate a mini college reunion, and I am thankful for that.

9.  Blogging is the new Facebook.

10.  I am still agonizing over the Dallas vs. Favre matchup this weekend. Love Brett Favre so it’s tough to cheer against him, but I love the Cowboys more (particularly Terence Newman).