10 about football vs. the VMAs

12 09 2010

1.  What’s a girl to do? Well, a girl that’s a Dallas Cowboys fan and a celebrity fan.

2.  With the Cowboys-Redskins game and the MTV Video Music Awards on at the same time on the same night, it’s difficult to fully focus on either.

3.  I watched Eminem and Rhianna open the VMAs. I never consider myself an Eminem fan, but I really do enjoy each of his songs and performances (when he’s not bashing Mariah Carey), so maybe I am a fan …

4.  And, I can’t help but root for Rhianna. After dealing with that creep Chris Brown (and his abusive ways), I only want the best for her.

5.  And of course I had to watch Justin Bieber perform (Sorry Cowboys, I find the Bieb more exciting to watch than your ineffective offense).

6.  I love the super sweet pop music he performs and his equally sweet dance moves (no matter how cheesy they both may be).

7.  I also love that Kim Kardashian introduced him from afar (jokingly due to a restraining order). She intrigues me that Kim Kardashian.

8.  And, Kim is actually a tie between the VMAs and the football game: she is dating Cowboys’ wide receiver Miles Austin.

9.  I don’t think she can do any better than Reggie Bush (Hello, hotness!), but I like the pairing.

10.  I’m really over Tony Romo. I gave the guy a shot when Jessica Simpson was dating him, but at this point, I’m ready for a new quarterback for the Cowboys.

Of course I can't resist the opportunity to include a Jessica Simpson photo. Love this girl!


10 real tears or not?

28 06 2010

1.  Chris Brown did a Michael Jackson melody/tribute at the BET Awards.

2.  I particularly like the “Smooth Criminal” portion. Of course, I always love some “Smooth Criminal.”

3.  Have I ever mentioned that “Smooth Criminal” is a favorite of mine? Why yes, I have.

4.  I think he did a decent job, but no one beats the King of Pop.

5.  Unfortunately, Chris Brown beats his girlfriend. I find it totally despicable and disgusting.

6.  So, the question is: when Chris Brown cries his way through “Man in the Mirror,” is it really for MJ? Or is it for his mistakes, his loss of a career, his luck at getting a gig on the BET Awards, and the fact people are actually applauding him?

7.  I remember Usher crying at MJ’s memorial service after his performance, and everyone claimed it was staged for publicity. But, it seems like Chris Brown needs the publicity WAY more than Usher ever has.

8.  It also seems like Chris Brown is trying to change people’s perception of him from woman beater punk to sensitive, emotional, caring man.

9.  I think that may be a tough sell.

10.   Although, I must admit: he is a great performer (and actor).