10 about MJ — one year later

25 06 2010

1.  June 25 is a day I’ll always remember: the day Michael Jackson died.

2.  I was in Biloxi, Miss., that day last year. I didn’t even hear about his death until late that night. I was consumed by people-watching and drinking Bloody Marys (the most delicious Bloody Marys I’ve ever had, mind you), which are two of my favorite casino games.

3.  Late that night, when I was going to bed, I flipped on the TV (really only because there is a TV in the bedroom of the hotel — a luxury to me). I found what I thought was a documentary on Michael Jackson’s life. Happily, I watched. Unhappily, at the end, the newscaster said, “Michael Jackson, dead at 50.”

4.  Shock and sadness overwhelmed me. Yes, I realize that Michael Jackson was a celebrity that I didn’t know personally. I couldn’t help it, though.

5.  This is the first time I felt real sadness when a celebrity died. I definitely wouldn’t call myself the world’s biggest Michael Jackson fan, although I am definitely a fan. I love his music. It was with me from my early rollerskating days to school dances to now.

6.  As strange as it sounds, Michael Jackson has almost always been a part of my life.

7.  I remember being nine years old and thinking “Bad” was the coolest album ever. And actually, you know what? I still do.

8.  I remember the shock of the “Black or White” video and the countless incidents in his personal life.

9.  And, the man who was with me through all those memories was now gone.

10.  I was angry at Michael Jackson. I was angry at Dr. Conrad Murray. I was angry at all of his enablers. But, most of all, I was sad.


Top 10 Michael Jackson videos

15 06 2010

1. Smooth Criminal

2.  Bad

3.  The Way You Make Me Feel

4.  You Rock My World

5.  Beat It

6.  Black or White

7.  Thriller

8.  Remember the Time

9.  Jam

10.  They Don’t Care About Us