10 about two favorites

11 07 2011

1.  Two of my favorite things are dogs and baseball. Combine the two, and it’s an ideal situation.

2.  Thankfully, on Saturday, I got to do just that.

3.  The Clearwater Threshers (single A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies — boo!) had Bark at the Park. You could bring your dog to the game. Tickets for dogs were $5, with the money going to the Humane Society of Pinellas.

4.  Chloe wanted to go, so she bought a ticket and hit the game.

5.  Walking through the concourses was a bit hectic with food stands and dogs, and dogs crisscrossing across the concourse to get to either food stands or other dogs.

6.  Luckily there is plenty of grass at the stadium, and that was a favorite gathering spot for the dogs.

7.  After walking around the stadium and meeting lots of friends, we found a spot to enjoy the game.

Chloe resting after a walk around the stadium

8.  Chloe sat on the ground by the aisle for a bit so she could greet dogs and people.

9.  Then, she decided to move to a seat to enjoy the rest of the game.

Chloe intently watching the game

10.  She actually seemed entertained watching the game. Perfect for her baseball-loving owner!


OK, so it has its 10 good points, too

13 06 2011

1.  Well, after the last post, I felt a little bad — like I dissed my homeland.

2.  The Midwest is a really lovely place, and there are many wonderful things about it.

3.  Like barbecue. Holy cow (and pig)! Kansas City barbecue can’t be beat (especially Arthur Bryant’s).

Yes, I like pickles. OK, LOVE pickles (and sliced pork).

4.  Aside from the “Friends in Low Places” sing-a-long, watching a baseball game at an outdoor stadium is a treat. And with the recent remodeling, Kauffman Stadium is a very lovely place to watch a game.

5.  A sweet (yet very slobbery) dog lives there.

The slobber monster, Dude (my brother’s dog)

6.  Another sweet dog (or pig?) resides there.

The cookie monster, Rodeo (my sister-in-law’s dog)

7.  The prevalent use of the word “pop” to describe soda rocks my world.

Pop, I love. Hogwash? Not sure …

8.  The best university ever resides in the state: Kansas State University (and a large percentage of people wear purple).

9.  My rockin’ brother and sister-in-law live there.

Two awesome people

10.  My awesome dad lives there, too.

He's not in Kansas anymore (in this photo)

10 hot ones about baseball

12 05 2011

1.  I really don’t want to be one of those female baseball fans who only focus on the players’ looks.

2.  I can carry on a conversation about lineups, batting averages and defensive abilities with no mention of hotness.

3.  But, I do have my weak moments — mainly when Derek Jeter is involved. Wow.

Spring training is hot.

4.  And, while watching the Rays-Indians game last night, when the Rays’ announcer said, “Grady Sizemore is hot,” I couldn’t agree more.

5.  He went on to talk about his hot hitting, but I lost him after that. And got lost in Grady Sizemore. Holy hotness.

6.  Ahem. How ‘bout those Indians? First place? Shocking.

7.  And, the Rays are rockin’. People doubted, but I didn’t.

8.  Even after the loss of so many core players, I thought they’d still be good.

9.  I do miss Carl Crawford. But, I really love the addition of Johnny Damon.

10.  I’m kind of sad Manny Ramirez didn’t stick around, but the Rays seem fine (or better) without him.

10 reasons why I love my boyfriend

11 08 2010

1.  He puts up with my crazy obsessions (Jessica Simpson, Sesame Street, baseball and lip gloss, to name a few). 

2.  He went to a Jessica Simpson concert with me! 

3. He watched my 40th anniversary Sesame Street DVD set with me (he didn’t watch it as a child, so he wasn’t very familiar with it), but he’s learning to love it just like me (well, not exactly just like me because that is in an almost scary obsessive way). 

4.  He watches Tampa Bay Rays games every night with me (well, when he’s in town). 

5.  He opens car doors for me. If we are in a hurry, he will actually apologize for not being able to open my door. Serious gentleman! 

6.  He adores my crazy (well, more like lazy) dog, Maggie. 

Apparently, it is too hot to walk during the summer.

7.  He will complain about my turtles (Oh my gosh! They are splashing salmonella water everywhere!), but he still gives them special treats and tries to better their life. 

Ralph, Harry and Lucy: the salmonella-splashing trio

8.  He will play sports with me, and not complain too much about my ultra-competitive nature. 

9.  He goes along with most of my crazy schemes.

He gets all freaked out about his photo floating around the internet — not just when in a duck costume.

10.  He loves me for who I am. Not someone he wants me to be or someone I could or should be, just me.

5 + 5 =10

3 08 2010

1.  Five baseball games in five days — five of the best days ever!

2.  I thought maybe after three or four games, I may get to the point that I didn’t want to go to any more games. I thought I may get tired of the daily trek to the ballpark. Wrong.

3.  Each game we arrived when the gates opened (an hour and a half to two hours early depending on the day) and stayed about an hour after the game until most of the players left.

4.  Thanks to this, I now know what cars Carl Crawford, BJ Upton, David Price, Evan Longoria and Derek Jeter drive (and how they dress after a game).

5.  The Rays record during our game-going stretch: 4-1 — and three of those games were against the Yankees. Pretty darn impressive.

An orange dome at Tropicana Field = Tampa Bay Rays win

6.  Alex Rodriguez was sitting on 599 home runs when he came into town. And he still was at 599 when he left town.

7.  I really was hoping to see baseball history, but thanks to A-Rod the Choke Artist, I missed out.

Matt Garza vs. Alex Rodriguez. Garza won that battle.

8.  He had u-g-l-y at-bats. I knew after his first at-bat that we wouldn’t see him hit home run number 600. OK, so I probably didn’t know that (not being a psychic), but I had a pretty good feeling.

Thinking that baseball history could be made with one swing of A-Rod's bat, I diligently kept score so I would have a memento of his historic feat. As you can tell, this wasn't necessary.

9.  It was still fun to know that it was a possibility (slight as it may be) each time he came to the plate.

10.  But, it was also fun to cheer each time he got out.


23 07 2010

1.  As you probably know by now, I am a sucker for almost any celeb-reality show. So, it’s probably no surprise that I’m watching and enjoying “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.”

2.  In the first episode, I had the treat of also seeing Terrell Owens on the show (Again, probably not a surprise that I also watch his show). But, it does surprise me that TO and Chad Ochocinco are friends.

3.  I’d never guess that two people who thrive on being the center of attention would like each other. It seems like they might despise each other for taking the limelight.

4.  I was asked to do a top 10 baseball movies list. So I thought about it and realized I don’t really like many sports movies — even if they are baseball-themed.

5.  I think sports movies tend to be cheesy and extremely predictable.

6.  So, my top 10 list of baseball movies is actually more like a top 3 list, and it includes “Major League,” “Eight Men Out” and “61.” That’s it.

7.  Charlie Sheen appears in two of the three movies. Coincidence? I think not.

8.  I’ve liked Charlie for a very long time and love that he is a baseball fan.

9.  I never liked Denise Richards and didn’t like the idea of her marrying him (not like I had any say in the matter). But, she impressed me by having a choir sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as a surprise to Charlie at their wedding.

10.  Of course, things didn’t exactly work out for the two after I finally warmed up (a bit) to the girl.

10 about my favorite topic

21 07 2010

1.  It is more than halfway through the baseball season, and I still have not been to one Tampa Bay Rays regular season game.

2.  I have been to baseball games in Oakland and Kansas City, just not at the stadium that is 15 minutes from home.

At The Coliseum in right field – the most glorious spot!

3.  Unfortunately, many other people must be doing the same thing since there is talk of moving the stadium due to poor attendance. Oh my goodness! The sadness that would cause!

4.  So, I’m going to start doing my part. And do it in a big way.

5.  Next week I’m hitting it hard: five games in five days with my favorite baseball-going pal, Dad.

We will rock the Trop again!

 6.  I’m not really all that sad that Derek Jeter will be at three of the five games.

7.  I am sad that Carl Crawford’s tenure as a Ray may be coming to an end. Always a favorite.

8.  I love, love, love Raymond (the Rays mascot).

My favorite mascot, Raymond

9.  I saw someone wearing the “Price Price Baby” (David Price, Rays pitcher) shirt that I think is so creative.

10.  Of course, it was on an approximately 70-year-old guy (the average age in St. Petersburg, Fla. — or so it seems to be the case), so I’m not sure if he got the Vanilla Ice connection … but maybe he did.