A nervous (but no need) 10

29 07 2011

1.  So, since I started taking this running thing seriously (and my seriously may not match to others’ definitions of seriously, but I mean running consistently and running races … all 5k races to this point, but races nonetheless), I always get nervous at the prospect of running with other people.

2.  I assume I’ll be the slowest, worst runner and be a pain to whoever has the misfortune of running with me.

3.  Thankfully, this never seems to be the case, but this is my assumption every single time.

4.  So, when a girl invited me to a running group, I was, as usual, nervous.

5.  I avoided it … err, um, had things to do for many weeks.

6.  This week, I finally made it.

7.  My visions of an elite running group of 15 people who run 4-minute miles, with slow Jina stumbling behind them, did not materialize.

8.  The group: 100+ people of all different running (and even walking) levels.

9.  And, guess what? I wasn’t the slowest. And, even if I was, with so many people (who started running at different times between 6-6:30 p.m.), no one would know.

10.  But, most importantly, I had fun (and did something healthy in the process).


10 about two favorites

11 07 2011

1.  Two of my favorite things are dogs and baseball. Combine the two, and it’s an ideal situation.

2.  Thankfully, on Saturday, I got to do just that.

3.  The Clearwater Threshers (single A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies — boo!) had Bark at the Park. You could bring your dog to the game. Tickets for dogs were $5, with the money going to the Humane Society of Pinellas.

4.  Chloe wanted to go, so she bought a ticket and hit the game.

5.  Walking through the concourses was a bit hectic with food stands and dogs, and dogs crisscrossing across the concourse to get to either food stands or other dogs.

6.  Luckily there is plenty of grass at the stadium, and that was a favorite gathering spot for the dogs.

7.  After walking around the stadium and meeting lots of friends, we found a spot to enjoy the game.

Chloe resting after a walk around the stadium

8.  Chloe sat on the ground by the aisle for a bit so she could greet dogs and people.

9.  Then, she decided to move to a seat to enjoy the rest of the game.

Chloe intently watching the game

10.  She actually seemed entertained watching the game. Perfect for her baseball-loving owner!