A Vegas, baby! 10

28 04 2011

1.  For an Elvis lover like me, Vegas is my kinda town.

2.  And, for a value-seeker like me (the two-for-one tickets screamed my name), Viva Elvis is my kinda show.

Viva Elvis in Viva Las Vegas!

3.  Well, and the fact the entire show revolves around Elvis. And, it’s by Cirque du Soleil. WINNING! (Side note: I heard the phrase “WINNING!” constantly in Vegas, and it always made me smile.)

4.  Seriously, if you’re ever in Vegas (and everyone should be at some point), check out this show: http://www.arialasvegas.com/viva-elvis/

5.  Even without the Elvis ties (and Elvi on the streets, in shows and in wedding chapels), Vegas is still a rockin’ place to be.

Takin' care of business in a flash

6.  Upon touching down in Vegas, the plane erupts into cheers (may as well just call the flight attendants “bartenders” on this flight).

7.  This city seriously never sleeps — perfect for the night owl in me.

Rockin' all night

8.  Anything goes. This includes fashion. Seriously. A-nee-thang.

9.  Shopping is supreme. And abundant.

10.  Entertainment is (or can be) free: hotels with different, grandiose themes all in walking distance (I love a good value — especially something free).


10 about monsters and crazies

19 04 2011

1.  Lady Gaga was in town this weekend. I did not care, but everyone else seemed to care (in a major way).

2.  I think my friend had the best description of Lady Gaga: “she’s the adult version of that kid in high school drama class who tried way too hard to be edgy.” I couldn’t agree more.

3.  I’ve said it before: I like her music and her voice. I hear she puts on a fantastic show. I just feel like it’s a bit contrived and over the top.

4.  Charlie Sheen will be in town this weekend.

5.  I’ve loved Charlie for years (almost 20, in fact). If he’s in town, I want to be there.

6.  But, tickets are expensive, and I don’t want his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour: Defeat is not an Option Tour to ruin my image of him — that of a funny, talented, honest, smart actor that loves baseball. I’m afraid the show will expose a different side — that of a bitter, cursing, honest, crazy actor that loves baseball.

7.  So, I am leaving town; because, despite my reservations, I know if I’m here and Charlie’s here, I’d end up at the show.

8.  Instead of spending $200 on Charlie, I’m spending it on Vegas (rather Charliesque)!

9.  With a free flight to burn and a free hotel for three nights, what have I got to lose?

10.  Not much since I’m not a big gambler.

10 addicted ones

14 04 2011

1.  OK, it’s official. I’ll like anything Bruno Mars sings.

2.  This is proof. This is song is about nothing. It has a grammatical error. Yet, I can’t get enough.

3.  I should not like this song. The proofreader in me corrects it every time he sings it.

4.  I’m not sure what it is about this dude, but I’m becoming addicted.

5.  Maybe it’s the Hawaiian feel. Love that relaxed vibe. I also love-love-love Hawaii.  (Every time I type “Hawaii,” I spell it out like Mase in “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”: spend time in H-A-W-A-I-I. On a side note: that is a major jam. On another side note: I heart ’90s rap).

6.  Puff Daddy (as he was known back in the day, and how I will continue to refer to him) and Mase inspired me to start a rap group.

7.  Um, yeah. Mainly this group involved imitating Mase and Puffy. So, I’d rap in front, then H-Train (my rap partner in crime) would push her way to the front and rap. Then, I’d push her out of the way and rap. Then, she’d do it. Then, me. Repeat, repeat and repeat. Ta-da! Mase and Puff Daddy video complete.

8.  Sadly, this group didn’t really go any further than H-Train’s living room. Although occasionally we’d pull it out at parties, and let me tell you: we were a hit.

9.  Maybe, like all ’90s rap, it’s time for our comeback.

10.  Can’t nobody hold me down… ohh no. I got to keep on movin’.