10 about exciting stuff

15 02 2011

1.  Ack! Too much excitement lately! Difficult to keep everyone updated.

2.  5K. Dogs. State fair. Grammys. Kansas State beats No. 1 Kansas.

3.  So, 5K on Saturday: success. I ran the entire thing, and I wasn’t last (not even in my age group). I loved it, and I’m looking forward to doing another race in March.

4.  Dogs. I’m looking to adopt a dog. I’m getting a little impatient, but I know the right one will come along at the right time.

5.  I love the state fair. I hit it up on Saturday and saw Elvis impersonators, made friends with goats (and sheep and pigs and ducks and cows), watched fireworks and ate a funnel cake.

6.  I already wrote two Grammy posts, but I realized I forgot to mention the genius of Cee Lo Green. His performance was somewhat Elton Johnesque, but I love the song otherwise known as “Forget You.” (I loved that they referred to it that way on the Grammys).

7.  He makes music that sounds different from everything else out there today, and that is a very good thing (in most instances).

8.  Kansas State basketball has its issues this year. From preseason No. 3 to not ranked. Players quitting. Player scandals.

9.  But, they made my Valentine’s Day. I love you, Kansas State men’s basketball team!

10. Thank you for beating the No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks. No. 1 for less than 24 hours. Love, love, love it!


10 more Grammy ones

13 02 2011

1.  Normally, John Mayer makes me nauseous (aside from “Your Body is a Wonderland” — love that song). But, he, Norah Jones and Keith Urban rocked one of my favorite songs ever, “Jolene,” in honor of one of my favorite singers ever, Dolly Parton.

2.  Side note: check out the White Stripe’s version of “Jolene.” Love it.

3.  Katy Perry sounded better to me than she usually does when singing live. I enjoy most of her songs on the radio, and then I hear her perform them live, and I don’t enjoy them. But, her performance was OK.

4.  I just don’t think I’ll ever like “Teenage Dream,” though.

5.  I’d watch the Grammys no matter who was performing, but tonight, for me, was all about Dr. Dre.

6.  I sat through BORING country music performances because I didn’t want to miss Dre.

7.  Finally, he appeared. For a short time. Very short. Was it even a minute?

8.  Loved him, but I barely saw him.

9.  Eminem won best rap album for “Recovery,” and he looked thrilled. He thanked Dr. Dre, so at least I got to hear his name mentioned again.

10.  Here’s some classic Dre (and Snoop) since the Grammys shorted us.

10 Grammy ones

13 02 2011

1.  In general, I despise award shows.

2.  They are usually long, boring and involve a bunch of people kissing other people’s butts.

3.  The Grammys are long and involve the kissing of other people’s butts, but … they’re NOT boring. Performances. Singing. Mashes of songs. Groups of entertainers that normally don’t perform together. To me, that’s exciting.

4.  I know so many people watched for Lady Gaga’s performance (not me). I still don’t get her. She’s a good singer, but there’s so much freaky stuff to go along with her. Meat dresses. Eggs. Hair creations. Masks.

5.  People love her and always talk about her, so I guess it’s all part of the plan.

6.  I like the message of her new song,  “Born This Way,” but it sounds very Madonnaesque.

7.  It’s official. After watching Bruno Mars’ performance, I can definitely say he is one of my favorite new artists.

8.  I’ve liked each of his songs a little more than the last, and I love, love, love “Grenade.” I loved his remix of songs on the Grammys. Awesome.

9.  And, in the “not a shock” category, I thought Justin Bieber rocked (Usher, not so much. I’m so over “OMG.” Terrible song.)

10.  I’m still anxiously awaiting Dr. Dre’s performance. Give me Dre!

Remembering my dog: 10 loving ones

9 02 2011

1.  My sweet Maggie, who was my constant companion of the last eight years, died last week. She had a large cancerous tumor in her abdomen, and the vet determined the best course of action was to euthanize her.

2.  As much I didn’t want to hear that, I knew it too. She was an older dog. She couldn’t eat. She was sick. The tumor was big. Even if she had surgery to remove the tumor, they may find more tumors. A surgery and the ensuing chemotherapy is difficult for any being, and is more difficult for an older, weaker one … and the result would probably be the same (but with more suffering).

3.  I knew it was the right decision, and I was glad the vet presented that as the best option — the vet wasn’t seeing $s in her eyes, instead she saw compassion.

4.  As I spent the last few hours of my dog’s life with her, I thought back on our time together;  so much of the time, it was just us: Maggie and Jina.

5.  She came into my life during a horrible, dark time. She comforted me everyday without fail. She loved me unconditionally.

6.  This 40-pound girl protected me when I needed protected the most … from people weighing more than five times her weight.

7.  Sometimes, I think the only reason I made it through that time was Maggie. She counted on me. She needed me. And, I needed her.

8.  Maggie loved snacks, walks and belly rubs … but mostly snacks.

9.  She had shifty eyes, bad teeth, a small head and a chubby belly.

10.  I’ll always love and remember my sweet Miss Maggie (a.k.a. Waggie, The Waggster, Stinky, Miss Stink-a-Lot, Chubbster, Good Girl, Shifty, Fattie).

A nervous 10

1 02 2011

1.  I’ve been nervous since Jan. 26.

2.  Why, you ask? That is the date I signed up for a 5K race. My first 5K race.

3.  My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

4.  What if I can’t finish it? What if I am last? What if I have to walk? What if I fall?

5.  Typing these out, I realize the silliness of the nervousness. If I can’t finish, try again. If I am last, aim to do better next time. If I have to walk, I have to walk. If I fall, get up and keep going.

6.  Part of my concern stems from the fact that I can’t run 3.1 miles yet, and the race is Feb. 12.

7.  On the positive side, I can run 2.5 miles, and I still have 11 days to add 0.6 miles to that.

8.  I really never thought I’d be able to run that far, so no matter what happens in the 5K, that is a success.

9.  Another concern: the race is at 8 a.m. on a Saturday. What if I oversleep?

10. My stomach still hurts … What if my stomach hurts on race day?

10 for a new month

1 02 2011

1. Of all the songs I like, I never thought I’d get mocked for liking this one:

2.  I thought Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, boy band or MC Hammer songs were the more likely choices.

3.  Despite the mocking, I love this song. I love the emotion, the words, his voice, his inflection … OK, pretty much everything about it (except the video).

4.  Plus, I love singing to it in the car. And doing dramatic hand motions with it (a la the Celine Dion chest thump).

5.  Speaking of Celine Dion, someone in my building was blasting Celine Dion the other day. I guess that’s what I get for living with the 70+ crowd.

6.  I wanted to blast some Tupac to counteract, but I knew I’d get in trouble. So, I just thought about doing it, and it made me smile.

7.  After a weekend in Jacksonville, I can say that it’s a huge city, but I had a very difficult time finding things to do. So, I went to state parks for hiking and running two of the three days there.

One day of fun in Jacksonville


The reward at the end of the trail

8.  It was enjoyable, so I’m not complaining. Well, maybe I am complaining about that pesky tree root that tripped me while I was running. But, other than that, completely enjoyable.

9.  Maggie makes every trip awesome, so it doesn’t matter where I go.

A rare moment when Maggie is awake in the car

  10.  She spends her time in the car sleeping and snoring loudly.