10 about the King

5 01 2011

1.  People know I love Elvis. I love him so much, sometimes I even dress like him.

2.  I love Elvis everything: music, movies (no matter how cheesy), books, Christmas ornaments. An-nee-thang.

3.  So, when I saw this ornament, I couldn’t resist getting it for my tree. King, of the Jacked Frost series, was created by the awesomely talented Theresa Crout. Check her out at www.theresacrout.com.

Please note: this is a terrible photo. I really should have busted out a real camera instead of my cell phone. But, I think you can see the awesomeness despite the terrible photo.

4.  To make my tree rock even more, my rockin’ friend Erin (otherwise known as E-Dub) sent me this rockin’ ornament.

Again: terrible photo, but I think you can still see how much this rocks.

5.  For the trifecta, my boyfriend’s sister made these rockin’ rocks for me.

Elvis rocks!

6.  Thank you, thank you very much.

7.  To add further excitement to all things Elvis, his birthday is Saturday.

8.  It may be time to bust out the Elvis suit.

9.  And a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

10.  Happy birthday, Elvis! You rock.


10 for 11

4 01 2011

1.  Food poisoning: a great beginning to 2011.

2.  It’s a wonderful start to meeting resolutions. Well, if weight loss is one of your resolutions.

3.  And, if you wake up sick on New Year’s Day, the rest of the year has to be better, right?

4.  Well, that’s what I keep trying to tell myself.

5.  But, it isn’t so great when you get sick while traveling.

6.  Especially when you have to delay your travel home.

7.  And make an 11-hour drive on a Sunday before working on that Monday.

8.  I really don’t recommend that.

9.  Two days later, I haven’t recovered yet.

10.  But, road-trippin’ with Wags made it doable.

Maggie on the road