10 irritating things

23 12 2010

1.  Referring to your car by name or “she.” The car is an inanimate object, folks.

2.  Using “we” or “our” when referring to a sports team. While watching (key word: watching) the Bucs play, “Man, we can’t score a touchdown today.” You’re not on the team. You’re sitting on your couch watching the game on TV. You are not a professional athlete. Most likely, far from it.

3.  Shortening vacation to “vaca” (or is it vacay)? Is vacation that difficult to say? Taking that last syllable off really saves some time, huh?

4.  Using the Lord’s name in vain. It’s offensive to me (and many others). Be just a tad bit respectful, OK?

5.  Being rude. Is it really that difficult to be nice? Let me answer that: NO.

6.  Acting like a baby (when you’re a grown man). “I’m not a baby, I’m a man.” Riiiight. Keep telling yourself that, Ron Burgandy.

7.  Talking about people you think are chubby, fat or disgusting, who are obviously smaller than me. I feel awesome now, thanks.

8.  Being nasty to those close to you because you can, but being nice (and fake) to outsiders. Make a good impression, for goodness sake.

9.  Talking over people. Take a break from your yapping for a few seconds and listen. Try it. Seriously, TRY IT.

10.  Complaining. That said, yes, I irritate myself.


Ohio (and now Miami) sports 10

3 12 2010

1.  Wow. Cleveland really hates LeBron James.

2.  I understand being a bit bitter that he left the Cavs in the way that he did, but geesh.

3.  The dude claims to love Cleveland and the fans there … who else does that? That’s the best publicity Cleveland’s gotten in … forever.

4.  While watching the Heat-Cavs game tonight (my attempts to avoid the NBA aren’t terribly successful … not because I don’t enjoy the NBA — I just don’t need another sports league to take my time and energy), I had the pleasure of seeing Terrell Owens at the game.

5.  TO makes me think of Chad Ochocinco.

6.  Chad Ochocino makes me think of this:


7.  I don’t agree with PETA (at all), but I do enjoy this photo tremendously.

8.  But, isn’t it a bit contradictory?

9.  Isn’t that a pigskin covering Chad’s junk?

10.  Technically, I think it’s cowhide, but an animal skin nonetheless.