10 about JS love

30 11 2010

1.  Yes, I realize this blog is a bit of a Jessica Simpson love fest.

2.  Welcome to my life.

3.  So, my life tonight: watching with pride as Jessica (with John Britt) sang “I’ll be Home for Christmas” at the Rockefeller tree lighting.

4.  I’m sure you’ll join the Jessica Simpson love fest after watching the video.

5.  She has an incredible voice. She’s beautiful, funny, generous. She designs great shoes and purses. What’s not to love?

6.  Oh, some people say she’s fat.

7.  Others say she’s annoying.

8.  Still others say she’s stupid.

9.  And, some people find her facial expressions irritating.

10.  These people are fat, annoying, stupid and irritating.*

*Note: I felt really mean after I typed that. These people are not necessarily fat, annoying, stupid and irritating. They have their right to their opinion, and I shouldn’t call them names because of it … but, they shouldn’t call Jessica names either.


Dreaming of reunions 10

29 11 2010

1.  While driving home from the dog park listening to the radio (the station that plays all Christmas music through Christmas day because that’s how I roll), we heard “O Holy Night.”

2.  A big “UGH!” came out of my boyfriend’s mouth.

3.  I usually have the same reaction when I see this song on the program for Christmas Eve service at church.

4.  It never fails that some woman warbles this incredibly LONG song with dreams of becoming an opera star (but doesn’t have the talent). Sorry to the opera-dreaming warbling women out there. Sadly, you don’t know who you are.

5.  The *NSYNC version, on the other hand, is not UGH! at all.

6.  I love a good boy band. And, *NSYNC is the best.

7.  I’m still holding out hope for a reunion … and, if Justin Timberlake is too busy making movies, maybe 98 Degrees can reunite.

8.  Hosting “The Sing-Off” really can’t be that lucrative for Nick Lachey, can it?

9.  They can bust out a Christmas song in true boy band fashion, too.

10.  I hope for a Nick Lachey-Jessica Simpson reunion, too. That is probably the least likely of my reunion dreams to happen since they are both engaged to different people. I shall continue to live in the past by watching old “Newlyweds” episodes …

10 about a rockin’ Thanksgiving

29 11 2010

1.  Well, Thanksgiving rocked. How can it not? Two days off from work + delicious food + Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade + Dallas Cowboys football + shopping = awesome.

2.  I woke up at 8:30 on Thanksgiving morning so as not to miss a minute of the parade. Oh, also to start cooking. Well, mainly roasting. The turkey, that is.

3.  The announcer teased me for about 2 hours and 40 minutes. The beautiful and talented Jessica Simpson finally made her appearance around 11:40. She is so worth the wait.

4.  Unfortunately, the Cowboys were not worth the wait. Reggie Bush (complete hotness) really tried to give them the game, but they wouldn’t take it.

5.  My dad called after the game and said, “Are you sure you still want this Terrence Newman shirt on your Christmas list?”

6.  He gave up a huge play, but yes, I still love some Terrence Newman.

7.  Over the break, I watched “Notorious.” Again. It may or may not be the fifth time I’ve seen the movie. Ahem.

8.  In one scene, Biggie prays for a family dinner. His prayer: “Dear God, thank you.” His mom asks if that is all. His response: “Yeah.”

9.  I love the simplicity. Nothing else is needed.

10.  Thank you.

10 things I can handle (or not)

22 11 2010

1.  A three-day work week. I can handle that.

2.  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with Jessica Simpson. I can totally handle that. 

3.  Cooking Thanksgiving meal. I can handle that.

4.  Eating Thanksgiving meal. I can handle that.

5.  Eating turkey leftovers for the next week. I can even handle that. 

6.  Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day. I can handle that.

7.  Movies on Thanksgiving night. I can handle that.

8.  Decorating for Christmas. I can handle that. 

Maggie loves sleeping under the just-decorated tree.

9.  Listening to (Elvis and Frank Sinatra) Christmas music. I can handle that.

10.  Going back to work after a long, fun weekend. I’m not sure I can handle that.

I’m back with 10

17 11 2010

1.  Well, after much debate, I am going to keep up this blog.

2.  I thought about moving solely to another blog, but I think I’ll maintain them both. This one is fun and provides ideas for longer blog posts on the other blog.

3.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen. What happened to the University of Texas football team?

4.  I watched Kansas State defeat them handily. Texas played U-G-L-Y.

Glory in the combat for the purple and the white

5.  Sitting by the ramp that Texas players and coaches use, I had multiple opportunities to use the upside down longhorn hand symbol, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

6.  Although, in the terms of Big 12 opponents, I really don’t mind Texas. Kansas and Oklahoma (Ugh, Bobby Stoops) rank much worse in my book.

7.  We tailgated before the game, and my brother grilled the biggest steaks I’ve ever seen. I’m not exaggerating. Seriously, biggest steaks EVER (As a steak-loving girl, I wasn’t sad). 

8. Please note: This does not include steaks that may be seen on Man v. Food, which I find surprisingly entertaining.

9.  I hate the idea of gorging yourself just to see how much you can eat. It’s a really disgusting concept to me. Yet I find this show with this concept enjoyable.

10.  Maybe it’s due to the host? Adam Richman seems like a fun dude.