10 about football vs. the VMAs

12 09 2010

1.  What’s a girl to do? Well, a girl that’s a Dallas Cowboys fan and a celebrity fan.

2.  With the Cowboys-Redskins game and the MTV Video Music Awards on at the same time on the same night, it’s difficult to fully focus on either.

3.  I watched Eminem and Rhianna open the VMAs. I never consider myself an Eminem fan, but I really do enjoy each of his songs and performances (when he’s not bashing Mariah Carey), so maybe I am a fan …

4.  And, I can’t help but root for Rhianna. After dealing with that creep Chris Brown (and his abusive ways), I only want the best for her.

5.  And of course I had to watch Justin Bieber perform (Sorry Cowboys, I find the Bieb more exciting to watch than your ineffective offense).

6.  I love the super sweet pop music he performs and his equally sweet dance moves (no matter how cheesy they both may be).

7.  I also love that Kim Kardashian introduced him from afar (jokingly due to a restraining order). She intrigues me that Kim Kardashian.

8.  And, Kim is actually a tie between the VMAs and the football game: she is dating Cowboys’ wide receiver Miles Austin.

9.  I don’t think she can do any better than Reggie Bush (Hello, hotness!), but I like the pairing.

10.  I’m really over Tony Romo. I gave the guy a shot when Jessica Simpson was dating him, but at this point, I’m ready for a new quarterback for the Cowboys.

Of course I can't resist the opportunity to include a Jessica Simpson photo. Love this girl!