A YouTube 10

22 08 2010

1.  Being in a LL Cool J mood, I checked out some YouTube videos.

2.  After listening to “Mama Said Knock You Out,” “Paradise,” “Head Sprung” and “Going Back to Cali,” I stumbled on this:

3.  LL Cool J + Sesame Street = cuteness overload.

4.  Elmo tends to be a tad irritating, but I do love the way he refers to LL as Mr. LL Cool J. Very polite little red monster.

5.  Then, as it often happens, I got sucked into the never-ending cycle of related videos. Very sneaky, YouTube.

6.  Handy that it is raining, and with no window in my car, I’m stuck inside anyway.

7.  Anyway, I found this total awesomeness:

8.  I love Johnny Cash! I almost forgot about his stints on Sesame Street.

9.  Of course, this video led to this video (pesky related video feature):

10.  I promise to get off the embedding music videos kick soon … having a car window will help this … I am hoping.


10 x 10 = 100 + 1

21 08 2010

1.  Well, I meant to do this post one post ago.

2. The last post is officially post #100.

3.  This post is #101. Oops.

4.  So, thank you dear readers, for sticking around for 101 posts.

5.  The posts are usually mindless rambles, so I appreciate each and every one of you that read the posts. You are brave.

6.  I started this blog thinking it would serve as a jumping off point to another blog.

7.  Unfortunately, that other blog hasn’t jumped off … yet.

8.  Through this blog, I’ve discovered that it is tough to keep up with posts. Some days you feel like writing. Some days you don’t.

9.  Maybe some day I will have a blog with full, written entries with paragraphs and complete thoughts.

10.  Until then, random thoughts are my speciality, and I thank you for reading them.

10 more about music

21 08 2010

1.  OK, I admit it. I’m on a music video-embedding music kick lately.

2. And, I’m not stopping now. I love this song (particularly the Rihanna portion – she sings with such emotion).

3.  And with Rihanna and Megan Fox in the same video, guys lucked out!

4.  This song reminded me of my favorite Usher song: “Burn.”

5.  I listened to this song non-stop for months. Love it.

6.  I also like the “peace up, A-town down” song (otherwise known as “Yeah”). Convenient that it is on the same Ursher (as Ludacris would say) CD.

7.  I fondly remember many car dancing sessions to “Yeah.”

8.  With all of this Usher and Ludacris talk, it makes me think of Justin Bieber.

9.  Why? Usher and Ludacris both have songs with JB.

10.  I never mind a dose of the Bieb.

10 about irritating things

21 08 2010

1.  Great. There is a 60-70% chance of rain all weekend, and I am missing a window in my car.

2.  Thankfully, I have the garage at home, but I am kind of stuck at home.

3.  I thought it was going to be fixed today, but unfortunately the mechanic did not get the part he needed.

4.  Blech! Car problems are really one of  my least favorite things.

5.  Another one of my least favorite things: condo associations.

6.  Combine the condo association with nosy neighbors, and you get a major annoyance.

7.  I really don’t appreciate being told “people are watching you.” Seems kind of like a threat.

8.  It is extremely irritating because I am a good neighbor. I’m quiet. No noisy parties. I mind my own business. I clean up after my dog. My dog is well-behaved.

9.  I do try to clean the carpet in the hallway in front of my door, though.

10.  Apparently, this is cause for threats.

10 things I can’t be trusted around

16 08 2010

1.  Lip gloss. I am a sucker for lip gloss of any kind. I love it. If there is a sale on lip gloss, I will stock up in a serious way. My thought is that lip gloss makes a great gift. Unfortunately, it never makes it to the gift stage. I can’t handle having lip gloss in my house without using it.

2.  Jessica Simpson purses, shoes, jewelry, magazines, DVDs, CDs, magazines. As you know by now, I love this girl and all things Jessica Simpson. I’m drawn to these items like a moth to the flame. It is ridiculous.

3.  KangaROOS. I loved these shoes since I was a little girl. Back in the day, I only remember solid color ROOS. These days, they have awesome multi-color patterns and fades. I can’t resist them. I actually counted the number of ROOS that I have, and I am embarrassed to admit that number in writing. Ahem. But, I still want more.

4.  Sesame Street shirts. I am such a fan of Sesame Street and creative, witty T-shirts. Combine the two, and my ability to resist is futile. Imagine the cuteness of the Sesame Street gang, along with a saying like: Running the Streets, Everything I Know I Learned on the Street or I’m So Street. I, for one, cannot resist such cuteness.

5.  Diet Dr. Pepper. I am totally in love with this stuff. If I have it in my house, it’s all I think about. I’m constantly plotting my next opportunity to have some of this deliciousness touch my lips.

6.  Pickles. I have at least one pickle every day (as I think everyone should). I am happy to be past the days of the pickle limit imposed on my brother and me by our parents. We were put on a two pickle per day limit because we ate too many of them if left to our own devices. Sometimes I get wild and crazy and have three pickles per day to break the rules!

7.  Sports equipment. OK, I really wanted to say “balls,” but I can only begin to imagine the comments I would receive. So, sports equipment it is (but, really just the balls). If there is a football, basketball, baseball, rubber ball, any kind of ball used for a sport in my reach, I will throw it or bounce it. I can’t keep my hands off of it. Growing up, I got in trouble many times for throwing balls around the house. Actually, sometimes I still do.

8.  Dean Cain. Now, I don’t know for sure that this is the case since I’ve never been in this gorgeous man’s presence, but I am really assuming this is the case.

9.  Purple anything. I am a sucker for anything purple: shirts, hats, scarves, pants (seriously), sunglasses, earrings, bracelets, rings, purses, laptop bags, etc. It’s my favorite color. Pretty handy that Kansas State’s colors are purple and white — one of the reasons I chose to attend that fine institution.

10.  Celebrity gossip magazines. Even though I know most of the inside info I gain from these publications isn’t true, I still love pouring over every detail. I find them fascinating. I try not to buy them too often, but I must admit that sometimes I purposely look for the longest line at the grocery store so I can read as much as I possibly can while waiting in line.

10 reasons why I love my boyfriend

11 08 2010

1.  He puts up with my crazy obsessions (Jessica Simpson, Sesame Street, baseball and lip gloss, to name a few). 

2.  He went to a Jessica Simpson concert with me! 

3. He watched my 40th anniversary Sesame Street DVD set with me (he didn’t watch it as a child, so he wasn’t very familiar with it), but he’s learning to love it just like me (well, not exactly just like me because that is in an almost scary obsessive way). 

4.  He watches Tampa Bay Rays games every night with me (well, when he’s in town). 

5.  He opens car doors for me. If we are in a hurry, he will actually apologize for not being able to open my door. Serious gentleman! 

6.  He adores my crazy (well, more like lazy) dog, Maggie. 

Apparently, it is too hot to walk during the summer.

7.  He will complain about my turtles (Oh my gosh! They are splashing salmonella water everywhere!), but he still gives them special treats and tries to better their life. 

Ralph, Harry and Lucy: the salmonella-splashing trio

8.  He will play sports with me, and not complain too much about my ultra-competitive nature. 

9.  He goes along with most of my crazy schemes.

He gets all freaked out about his photo floating around the internet — not just when in a duck costume.

10.  He loves me for who I am. Not someone he wants me to be or someone I could or should be, just me.

10 more about summer music love

4 08 2010

1.  I’m not a huge Maroon 5 fan, but I love, love, love this video!

2.  I think it’s such a fun way to illustrate this song.

3.  And it goes along fabulously with the fun summer music theme.

4.  Does Adam Levine look like someone else famous? Or it may be someone I know? I can’t put my finger on it …

5.  I love the model’s short, painted nails. I never have long nails (unless they are fake).

6.  I also love the model’s long hair. I think my hair is long, and then I see someone with hair like this. Darn. My hair is short. Gotta keep growing it.

7.  Another song that I love that I was reminded of recently during my trips to Tropicana Field: “California Love” (love the song, hate the video).

8.  Why “California Love” in Florida?, you ask. The Rays do a special on the All-Star Game (Carl Crawford, David Price, Evan Longoria and Rafael Soriano — you rock!) on the video board before the games, which took place in, you guessed it, California.

9.  I like Tupac, but his songs always make me sad. I hate all the violence surrounding East Coast-West Coast rap. Just seems really pointless.

10.  I am thankful to be from the Midwest originally so I can like both East Coast and West Coast rappers (or at least I’m assuming that’s how it works).