10 about a wonderful weekend

26 07 2010

1.  This may go down as one of the best weekends ever.

2.  Cow Appreciation Day at the SPCA rocked. The guest of honor, Angie the Cow, is a little shy, but still cute.

The shy guest of honor

3.  I loved all of her friends — goats, horses and a donkey — especially the donkey.

The sweet donkey

4.  And, they loved me — perhaps only because I had a bag of apples and carrots that they were interested in.

My new goat friend

5.  I love animals, so just going to Cow Appreciation Day was enough to make a great weekend, but something even better happened!

6.  At the grocery store on Sunday, a woman asked what type of perfume I was wearing. My reply: “Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love.” (Of course!)

7.  The woman’s reply: “It smells great. And, the funny thing is, I was going to tell you that you kind of look like Jessica Simpson.”

8.  This woman officially made my day, weekend, and I would say month, but my brother got married earlier this month … seriously, this woman rocked my world! And she is officially the coolest person I met in a very long time.

9.  The funny thing, though, I see no resemblance between myself and Jessica Simpson. Jessica is about 7 inches shorter than me. She has blond hair. My hair is (currently) a reddish-brown? She has brown eyes. I have blue eyes. It still made me incredibly happy, though.

10.  I had a baseball hat on (Go Rays!), and I wear hats very low. Maybe just my mouth or teeth look like Jessica Simpson? Or it may have been my Jessica Simpson earrings and purse? Whatever it was, I’ll take it!



23 07 2010

1.  As you probably know by now, I am a sucker for almost any celeb-reality show. So, it’s probably no surprise that I’m watching and enjoying “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.”

2.  In the first episode, I had the treat of also seeing Terrell Owens on the show (Again, probably not a surprise that I also watch his show). But, it does surprise me that TO and Chad Ochocinco are friends.

3.  I’d never guess that two people who thrive on being the center of attention would like each other. It seems like they might despise each other for taking the limelight.

4.  I was asked to do a top 10 baseball movies list. So I thought about it and realized I don’t really like many sports movies — even if they are baseball-themed.

5.  I think sports movies tend to be cheesy and extremely predictable.

6.  So, my top 10 list of baseball movies is actually more like a top 3 list, and it includes “Major League,” “Eight Men Out” and “61.” That’s it.

7.  Charlie Sheen appears in two of the three movies. Coincidence? I think not.

8.  I’ve liked Charlie for a very long time and love that he is a baseball fan.

9.  I never liked Denise Richards and didn’t like the idea of her marrying him (not like I had any say in the matter). But, she impressed me by having a choir sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as a surprise to Charlie at their wedding.

10.  Of course, things didn’t exactly work out for the two after I finally warmed up (a bit) to the girl.

10 about my favorite topic

21 07 2010

1.  It is more than halfway through the baseball season, and I still have not been to one Tampa Bay Rays regular season game.

2.  I have been to baseball games in Oakland and Kansas City, just not at the stadium that is 15 minutes from home.

At The Coliseum in right field – the most glorious spot!

3.  Unfortunately, many other people must be doing the same thing since there is talk of moving the stadium due to poor attendance. Oh my goodness! The sadness that would cause!

4.  So, I’m going to start doing my part. And do it in a big way.

5.  Next week I’m hitting it hard: five games in five days with my favorite baseball-going pal, Dad.

We will rock the Trop again!

 6.  I’m not really all that sad that Derek Jeter will be at three of the five games.

7.  I am sad that Carl Crawford’s tenure as a Ray may be coming to an end. Always a favorite.

8.  I love, love, love Raymond (the Rays mascot).

My favorite mascot, Raymond

9.  I saw someone wearing the “Price Price Baby” (David Price, Rays pitcher) shirt that I think is so creative.

10.  Of course, it was on an approximately 70-year-old guy (the average age in St. Petersburg, Fla. — or so it seems to be the case), so I’m not sure if he got the Vanilla Ice connection … but maybe he did.

10 on 20

20 07 2010

1.  Well, I watched the series finale of “The Hills.” There is really nothing notable — except a Brody Jenner pool scene.

2.  And, really the only reason I am mentioning it is because it gives me another opportunity to post a Brody photo. You’re welcome.

Hotness again graces this blog.

3.  This weekend I watched “Observe and Report.” I highly discourage anyone else from doing the same thing. Big mistake. Huge.

4.  Since I already watched one bad movie, I thought I’d continue the streak by watching “Jennifer’s Body.”

5.  Funny thing, though: I actually enjoyed it. Yes, it was cheesy. Yes, it was a little gory. But, it was a good cheesy, and the gore was sort of necessary. And, I loved the dialogue. Surprise!

6.  I never thought I would find the word “what” as funny as do today. Well, it’s more like “WHAT?!?” Mel Gibson-style.

7.  And, I probably shouldn’t laugh at a psychotic man going off on a woman (because, believe me, it is not funny in the least bit), but just that sound bite is extremely humorous to me.

8.  OK, I will admit that a few others are humorous as well, but the situation is not funny. At all.

9.  Well, we didn’t end up with a winning softball season, but I’m still considering it a success. A 5-5 record is the best record for this team ever.

10.  My volleyball team finished third out of eight teams – also a team best!

Top 10 concerts I’d like to see (or see again)*

16 07 2010

1.  MC Hammer: Best. Performance. Ever. Go ahead, laugh. Most people do. I don’t care. Hammer knows how to break it down. His rapping is flawless, and his dancing is insane.

2.  Jessica Simpson: She’s my girl. I’ve seen her in concert once, and it was a magical night. Not only does she have an incredible voice, she really connects with her audience. Her stories about life, love and self-esteem hit home. She comes across as genuine, funny and relatable. On top of that, she’s gorgeous. And she wears great shoes. And designs great shoes for that matter.

This night rocked.

3.  *NSYNC: I love boy bands. And, I’ve always been an *NSYNC kind of girl. I saw Justin Timberlake in concert, and he is fabulous — incredible dancer, great voice, and he even plays the piano. But, I want the synchronized dancing, the harmonies, the coordinated outfits. I want the boy band treatment. Please, *NSYNC, let’s have a reunion! Well, my plea should really just be to Justin since I don’t think the other members have a lot going on at this point. So, let’s do it, JT! Reunion and tour dates!

4.  Willie Nelson: I almost saw Willie once, and then his tax issues hit, and the concert: canceled. Boo! That was many, many years ago, but I still want to see Willie.

5.  Alanis Morissette: She was pre-party music in college. My roommate and I got ready for countless parties while listening to “Jagged Little Pill.” Sometimes the album also became the party. On a Saturday college night not so long ago (OK, who am I kidding?? It was SO long ago), we were all drinking Cinnamon Schnapps and marveling at how lovely everyone’s breath smelled. For further entertainment, we decided to act out “Hand in my Pocket.” It’s amazing how much fun one can have with their hand in their pocket while giving a high-five, flicking a cigarette, giving the peace sign, playing the piano, and hailing a taxicab. Try it sometime after imbibing Cinnamon Schnapps. I guarantee good times … and good breath. That album rocks my world to this day, and I’d love to see Alanis rock in person.

6.  Snoop Dogg: I’m really not sure how this was accomplished, but my first Snoop album came about in high school: Doggystyle. Not being able to watch cartoons because they were too violent or “Friends” because it was inappropriate (or basically any other mainstream TV show or any movies with a rating higher than PG), you can understand that this was quite the feat.  Now, though, I’d like to sip some gin and juice and listen to the rhyme stylings of Snoop … laid back … not freaked out that my parents may find my Snoop stash.

7.  Jay-Z: I think this dude is brilliant. I’d spend my cheese to see H to the Izz-O, V to the Izz-A. And I’d get my damn hands up cause that’s the anthem.

8.  Britney Spears: I will admit, part of the reason is to see if she brings the crazy. But, the other part of me actually really likes Britney. I mean, who doesn’t like some “Hit Me Baby One More Time” more than one time? I know I do.

9.  Tony Bennett: My grandpa liked Tony, so I like Tony. I bet it may be a pretty tame concert, but sometimes, tame is good.

10.  Justin Bieber: Yep. I just typed that. As I may have mentioned, I’m a sucker for sugary pop music. The Bieb delivers this to me. Plus, he’s a pretty sweet dancer. I think the mob of screaming teenage girls that follow him everywhere may be a tad bit annoying, though.

* Note: This list only contains living artists. If I included those not with us on earth anymore, it would include: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Notorious BIG, Tupac, Frank Sinatra, Run DMC and Nirvana.

10 blinded by flashes and baseball

13 07 2010

1.  I’m extremely impressed by my camera phone.

2.  My phone rocks in many ways, but I am especially pleased with the quality of photos it takes.

3.  It has red-eye reduction so I don’t look like the devil in photos. I appreciate that. A lot.

4.  Unfortunately, this series of flashes causes my dog to close her eyes in every picture. The resulting photos crack me up.

5.  In case you are wondering, yes, that is a Frank Martin head on a stick in the above photo. Maggie is a big fan. Huge.

6.  I thought maybe it was just Maggie, but while dog-sitting my brother and sister-in-law’s dog, Rodeo, after their wedding, I noticed that he has the same issue.

7.  Today is a sad day in baseball with the passing of George Steinbrenner.

8.  I know many, many people hate the Yankees, but you’ve got to admire this man’s dedication to his team and baseball.

9.  And, love his competitiveness. Being an extremely competitive person, I appreciate this man’s desire to win.

10.  I would say, “I hope the Yankees win a World Series for George this year.” But, I really don’t want them to do that. I want the Rays to win. Sorry.

A winning wedding 10

13 07 2010

1.  I almost forgot about my cell phone photos from my brother’s wedding.

2.  I took some shots from the balcony of the wedding venue and caught the ring bearer throwing the garter back at my brother after he caught it.

I don't want this!

3.  Cutest wedding moment!

4.  Thankfully, I see the Rockstar Photographer (seriously, that’s how he refers to himself) with his camera in position, so hopefully he got an even better photo of it.

5.  With a name like Rockstar, one would hope …

6.  This is the most amazing thing ever: we have the possibility of having a winning softball season.

7.  If we win our game on Friday, we’ll be 6-4. Truly, truly amazing.

8.  Even if we lose and end up 5-5, really that will still be amazing. This team has never won more than three games in a season, and we’ve played together a LONG time.

9.  After the initial weed-out (including a drunken/drugged stripper that played catcher for one game … seriously), everyone is really committed to the team, which I extremely appreciate (being the email organizer of players).

10.  I don’t have to stress out about having enough people show up to play. Seems simple enough: if you commit to playing, come to the games.