10 real tears or not?

28 06 2010

1.  Chris Brown did a Michael Jackson melody/tribute at the BET Awards.

2.  I particularly like the “Smooth Criminal” portion. Of course, I always love some “Smooth Criminal.”

3.  Have I ever mentioned that “Smooth Criminal” is a favorite of mine? Why yes, I have.

4.  I think he did a decent job, but no one beats the King of Pop.

5.  Unfortunately, Chris Brown beats his girlfriend. I find it totally despicable and disgusting.

6.  So, the question is: when Chris Brown cries his way through “Man in the Mirror,” is it really for MJ? Or is it for his mistakes, his loss of a career, his luck at getting a gig on the BET Awards, and the fact people are actually applauding him?

7.  I remember Usher crying at MJ’s memorial service after his performance, and everyone claimed it was staged for publicity. But, it seems like Chris Brown needs the publicity WAY more than Usher ever has.

8.  It also seems like Chris Brown is trying to change people’s perception of him from woman beater punk to sensitive, emotional, caring man.

9.  I think that may be a tough sell.

10.   Although, I must admit: he is a great performer (and actor).


10 about a dream that came true

28 06 2010

1.  I finally made it to Oakland Coliseum after many years of dreaming of going there.

2.  Ideally, it would have been when Jose Canseco was playing for the A’s. I was just about 18 years too late.

3.  That’s OK. I still felt the Jose vibes. I really couldn’t find any reminders that Jose played there besides some baseball cards (that I already own) in one of the gift shops. And the beautiful 1989 World Series flag: a definite highlight!

4.  In the parking lot, in absolute awe, I said: “It’s been a dream of mine to come here my whole life.”

5.  My boyfriend’s reply: “You aim low.”

6.  Hmph! Apparently, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a Jose Canseco and Oakland A’s fan since the age of 8.

7.  I distinctly remember my ninth birthday being one of the best. Among the presents received: Jose Canseco poster, Oakland A’s hat and tickets to see the Royals vs. the A’s.

8.  I remember checking the paper every day to see Jose’s stats, and watching him on TV or in person at every opportunity.

9.  Ah, the glory days of the Bash Brothers. Sadly, things changed significantly from those days.

10.  But, being a loyal fan, that hasn’t changed things a bit, and I was a very happy girl visiting Jose’s former home.

A rockin’ California 10

25 06 2010

1.  I am back from my visit to the other Bay Area (San Francisco-Oakland).

2.  That Bay Area is much colder than the Bay Area I am used to (Tampa Bay).

3.  But, San Francisco is a lovely city (no matter how cold), and I had a lovely time exploring it.

4.  I checked out wineries in Napa Valley (gor-geous).

5.  I went on a ghost tour in Chinatown (fun, but not really scary).

6.  I went shopping everywhere, but particularly in Union Square.

7.  I walked everywhere. Up and down, up and down, up and down hill after hill.

8.  And despite all the warnings (BE CAREFUL!), Oakland was lovely as well (OK, the portions I visited at least).

9.  I have many pictures to share, but currently I am too lazy to get my camera and download the photos, so those will come in a later post.

10.  That being said, a cross-country flight really takes it out of a person!

10 about MJ — one year later

25 06 2010

1.  June 25 is a day I’ll always remember: the day Michael Jackson died.

2.  I was in Biloxi, Miss., that day last year. I didn’t even hear about his death until late that night. I was consumed by people-watching and drinking Bloody Marys (the most delicious Bloody Marys I’ve ever had, mind you), which are two of my favorite casino games.

3.  Late that night, when I was going to bed, I flipped on the TV (really only because there is a TV in the bedroom of the hotel — a luxury to me). I found what I thought was a documentary on Michael Jackson’s life. Happily, I watched. Unhappily, at the end, the newscaster said, “Michael Jackson, dead at 50.”

4.  Shock and sadness overwhelmed me. Yes, I realize that Michael Jackson was a celebrity that I didn’t know personally. I couldn’t help it, though.

5.  This is the first time I felt real sadness when a celebrity died. I definitely wouldn’t call myself the world’s biggest Michael Jackson fan, although I am definitely a fan. I love his music. It was with me from my early rollerskating days to school dances to now.

6.  As strange as it sounds, Michael Jackson has almost always been a part of my life.

7.  I remember being nine years old and thinking “Bad” was the coolest album ever. And actually, you know what? I still do.

8.  I remember the shock of the “Black or White” video and the countless incidents in his personal life.

9.  And, the man who was with me through all those memories was now gone.

10.  I was angry at Michael Jackson. I was angry at Dr. Conrad Murray. I was angry at all of his enablers. But, most of all, I was sad.

10 about luggage shopping

16 06 2010

1.  It was definitely time for me to get a nice piece of luggage. 

2.  I always borrowed/shared my boyfriend’s luggage, and now that he is away with that luggage, I had nothing to pack my things in for my trip to California. 

3.  So, I set out with the goal to get decent, yet girly (think purple or pink or polka dots) luggage. I like unexpected girly things like sports equipment or luggage. 

4.  I also like the idea of having luggage that looks different from every other traveler (i.e., not a big, black suitcase). 

5.  I only went to one store (Marshall’s), and I wasn’t planning on going to any other stores since luggage shopping isn’t really all that fun to me (shoe or purse shopping is a totally different story). 

6.  I didn’t see any pink or polka dot luggage, and the purple luggage was kind of bland. Nice luggage, but it was too understated. Not bright purple, an almost black purple (sneaky luggage was trying to blend in with all the other luggage). 

7.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this … 

Jessica Simpson Gin Lane anchor print luggage (available at JessicaSimpsonCollection.com or perhaps your local Marshall's)

 8.  And, it was love at first sight — even before I noticed that it was Jessica Simpson Collection. 

9.  It rocks (more than I ever thought a suitcase could). It has those awesome wheels that go in all directions, and a separate laundry and shoe bag inside. 

10.  A woman in the checkout line said, “Wow. That is really different from all the other luggage out there.” Goal achieved.

Top 10 Michael Jackson videos

15 06 2010

1. Smooth Criminal

2.  Bad

3.  The Way You Make Me Feel

4.  You Rock My World

5.  Beat It

6.  Black or White

7.  Thriller

8.  Remember the Time

9.  Jam

10.  They Don’t Care About Us

Winery tour 10

14 06 2010

1.  Countdown to Cali is on! Four more days! 

2.  My boyfriend decided that choosing guided tours is my travel speciality. 

3.  Apparently my prior tour planning in Charleston, SC (ghost tour) and Hawaii (waterfall hike/tour and snorkeling tour) was a  success! 

4.  So, my job is to now find a winery tour in Napa Valley. 

5.  I’m kind of excited to hear that I am actually good at something! 

6.  I’m also very excited about touring Napa Valley. 

7.  I love wine. I love being outside. I love agriculture. I love seeing new things. 

I think I am going to love it! (Photo by Michelle Meiklejohn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=901)

8.  Now, I just need to figure out what tour is the best. 

9.  We have access to a car, but I’m not sure if it’s the best idea to drive when doing winery tours/tastings. 

10.  I think I will opt for the shuttle/ferry option.