It’s summer! Here’s 10!

29 05 2010

1.  Due to those pesky things called work and normal everyday life, I sometimes forget that I live in paradise.

2.  Fortunately, days off allow me to realize how fortunate I really am.

Ah! This is the life.

3.  Although the resulting sunburn from spending time on this beautiful beach reminded me of why I usually avoid it during daylight hours.

4.  Memorial Day signals the start of summer. And, boy, do I love summer!

5.  Of course, in Florida, summer really isn’t that different from spring (or fall, for that matter), but I love it just the same.

6.  I love hot days and warm nights. I love long daylight hours. I love swimming and barbeques. I love baseball. Summer really is ideal for me.

7.  For some reason, “In Da Club” always makes me feel like it’s summer.

8.  I was super pumped to hear it today on my way to do summer things: hang out at the pool with friends and eat delicious barbeque.

9.  For some reason, I have a special place in my heart for 50 Cent.

10.  I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s just due to this summer anthem. And, the way he raps “I’m a’ight.” Love that part.


10 reasons why I love ducks

26 05 2010

1.  I love Sesame Street. It was one of the very few shows I was allowed to watch growing up. My favorite character has always been Ernie. Ernie loves his rubber duckie. I, too, love duckies.

2.  Due to my intense love of Ernie and Sesame Street, I received my own rubber duckie. So cute. No fun squeak like Ernie’s, but it did intensify my love of the duck.

A rubber duckie just like Ernie's

3.  Every year for vacation, my family went to Branson, Mo. Every single year. One of the main attractions: feeding the ducks and geese. Seriously.

4.  I would spend hours feeding the ducks corn and bread (from the discount bakery store). They were so sweet and friendly. Geese, on the other hand, are a different story …

Please excuse my neon pink Oakland A's T-shirt, canvas shoes, horrendous shorts and equally horrendous scrunchie. It was the '80s (I think) ... or maybe early '90s, but no later. There are ducks in there somewhere. Those pesky geese always scared off all of the ducks.

5.  When I got older, I had my own ducks. They were the cutest, cuddliest, most adorable things ever.

My ducks as babies — cuteness overload!

6.  Of course, they weren’t the smartest things. Only two made it to adulthood due to some dumb mistakes on their part. But, I think the dumbness makes them more loveable.

Harry and Ace: still super cute as adults.

7.  I love the sound of their feet splatting against the ground.

8.  I also love that their feet and beak are orange (my second favorite color).

9.  I also love their cute rounded beak. Not scary-pointy like some birds.

10.  Duck quacks are one of the cutest sounds ever.

10 to start the four-day workweek

24 05 2010

1.  In my experience, if someone says they are good at a sport, they usually are not.

2.  Also, be very concerned if a guy shows up to play coed softball wearing baseball pants. This is a sign he is probably not very good and possibly annoying.

3.  If the person doesn’t make any comment or they say that they aren’t that great, they are usually pretty good.

4.  Note: there are exceptions to all of these observations, but they are rare. These seem to hold true the majority of the time.

5.  Four-day workweeks rock my world! I am so happy this is one of those weeks.

6.  No set plans, but E-Dub is coming into town, and we will rock it!

7.  I think I need to hit the beach — with SPF 50+, of course.

8.  I think I also need to hit the spray tan … HARD.

9.  No softball game on Friday this week.

10.  So, I think this occasion calls for volleyball!

10 random ones (nothing different, really)

23 05 2010

1.  Well, the thinkable happened: we lost our softball game.

2.  We lost it in usual fashion (well, the usual fashion before our freak winning streak) — by the 10-run rule.

3.  What does one wear to a summer evening wedding? I have not been to any wedding in a long time, and I have no idea what is appropriate.

4.  I am hoping a purple dress will do.

5.  Since I have admitted many embarrassing things on here already, I might as well admit this: I like “Jersey Shore.”

6.  When flipping by it once, I couldn’t help but stop on it due to all the controversy surrounding it.

7.  I never flipped it off. And, I made sure to catch the rest of the season.

8.  My boyfriend asked once why I was watching it. I told him that I was learning about another culture.

9.  He bought it, and he started watching it, too.

10.  Now I am (fist) pumped about the next season from Miami. GTL, baby!

Hairy 10

22 05 2010

1.  Overheard at the salon today: “I love big Texas hair. That’s what I want.”

2.  I did not realize anyone actually wanted this style besides those competing in beauty pageants.

3.  I have fought to avoid big Texas hair a good portion of my life.

4.  I colored my hair today for the sole purpose of getting rid of the previous highlights.

5.  Unfortunately, now I think it is too dark.

6.  Oh, well. I can always change it next time.

7.  I get my hair done at a beauty school. Cheaper, but it usually takes a LONG time.

8.  All the consultations with the instructors make it a rather time-consuming process.

9.  Although the instructor today looked like a hotter version of James Franco — with better hair.

He has a look-a-like that works as an instructor at a beauty school. (Photo from Photobucket)

10.  I really did not mind having him come and check my hair multiple times.

Winning 10

21 05 2010

1.  The Rays are rockin’ through the American League.

2.  They took care of the World Series Champion New York Yankees in awesome fashion.

3.  The Rays rocked AJ Burnett for six runs (who was incredibly nice during spring training and signed absolutely every autograph that was asked of him — at least when I saw him).

He looks more like a punk kid — not a Major League pitcher.

4.  Professional baseball players can blend pretty easily into a crowd. You might be able to spot an NBA center or an NFL lineman in a crowd or maybe even an NHL player due to their lack of teeth.

5.  But, unless a baseball player has a distinguishing feature — like Manny Ramirez’s hair or Johnny Damon’s hair and beard during his caveman days — they can probably go unnoticed.

6.  Same might be true for golfers or bowlers, but I’m not calling them professional athletes. They are obviously skilled, but I refuse to call bowling or golf a sport.

7.  Speaking of professional athletes, our softball team is going for win number three tonight.

8.  Obviously, I am being extremely sarcastic about the professional athlete portion of the above statement.

9.  Some may think I am pulling their leg about going for win number three since it sounds so outrageous, but I am not.

10.  Our volleyball team is also on a winning streak. I am getting used to this thing called winning — it was elusive for so long.

A shifty 10

20 05 2010

1.  Oh, Grady Sizemore. Why must you injure yourself so often?

2.  With the Indians coming into town earlier this week to play the Rays, I thought it would be my chance to see the most beautiful person in Cleveland without actually having to go to Cleveland.

3.  Because really, who really wants to go to Cleveland? I can answer that with a firm “Not me.”

4.  I know, I know. I shouldn’t judge a city without actually having been there. But, you really have to wonder when so many people have so many bad things to say.

5.  My favorite new nickname for the city: Heaveland (thanks, Caroline). Another one I’m fond of: Mistake by the Lake.

6.  My dog is a huge hog. Not only does she try to eat everything in sight, she also licks the floor, cabinets and refrigerator.

7.  Maggie can also be found contorted in all sorts of positions trying to get a crumb from underneath a cabinet.

8.  She will also eat anything somewhat resembling food that she finds outside.

9.  Maggie also always tends to have a shifty look about her.

No need for the shifty look. I'm not taking you to Heaveland.

10.  I look shifty right back at her because she deserves it.