10 about the Bieb

27 04 2010

1.  I finally said this out loud today, so I figured I could admit it on here, too: I like Justin Bieber.

2.  Yes, the kid that sings sugary pop songs with “that hair.”

3.  Yes, the kid whose intended audience is probably at least half my age.

4.  And, I’m OK with it … now.

5.  At first I was slightly embarrassed. But really, I love syrupy sweet pop music. People know this. I can’t resist.

6.  I can’t help it if a 16-year-old heart throb (to tween girls, not me) sings it. I will still like it.

7.  I won’t be joining the tween girls in the near-riot situations when the Bieb is around, but I will enjoy listening to him from afar.

8.  I’m trying to figure out what my favorite song of his is. I think it’s “Baby.” That fact that it features Ludacris doesn’t hurt (he blows my mind — a-ma-zing)…

9.  It makes me reminisce about great pop music artists like Michael Jackson (truly the King), but also great groups like every boy band (N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees). I like boys singing pop music.

10.  Girls singing pop music are pretty sweet, too — like Jessica Simpson (of course)! You also can’t beat a good Britney Spears jam.


10 scary ones

26 04 2010

1.  I realized recently that I am a big chicken. I talk big, but when it comes down to it, I am a wimp.

2.  My biggest fear: dark water. I get shivers just thinking about it. You just never know what is lurking in that water.

3.  One of the scariest scenarios: being on a cruise ship, on the deck, at night. It’s pitch black, but you can hear the water hitting the boat. I completely understand how people disappear from a cruise ship, and it may be one of my worst fears. Tossed off the ship at nighttime. No one around to hear your cries while you tread water in darkness with no land to be seen. Scary stuff. I don’t think I’ll go on another cruise for that reason alone (I would say I would only go with people who I am sure really liked me, but you just really can’t trust anyone). Well, plus I didn’t care for the cruise I went on anyway.

4.  Another big fear (that is kind of tied to my biggest fear): dead bodies. They could be lurking in the dark water.

5.  I have only been to three funerals. I avoided eye contact with the dead bodies at all three.

6.  I feel very fortunate to live in the Lightning Capital of the World since I am also scared of lightning. Like a scream-and-run fear. My dog is also afraid of lightning, so we huddle together when it storms (which, lucky for us, is every afternoon in the summer).

This is what we look like during a thunderstorm ... well, I'm not smiling when there is lightning, though.

7.  Also, on my list of scary things: fire. Not fire in general — I enjoy a good campfire now and then (Well, only when just visiting a campsite — not actually camping there. Jina doesn’t do sleeping on the ground and communal bathrooms anymore). But, a house fire is scary. I can still hear my neighbors’ screams for help as their house was burning. Thankfully, my dad heard the screams, got out the ladder and rescued a family of four from their burning home. I never once looked to see the flames or went in the house after the fire. It is just horrifying to me.

8.  Another huge fear: whipped cream. This is not a joke. This is scary stuff.

9.  Another scary food item: peas. Not sugar snap or snow, just those regular, nasty green peas. Ugh. In preschool, the rule was that you had to try everything on your plate. I threw such a big fit about taking one bite of peas that they made me an exception to the rule. I would do the same today. Some things I won’t even eat because the peas touched it. Other things, like fried rice, I will pick out every single pea.

10.  This isn’t quite as terrifying as the others, but it is still frightening: Crocs (the shoes, not the animal).

10 about overgrown babies — waahh!

20 04 2010

1.  Ever get a little disheartened with people? That’s me lately.

2.  I really want this blog to stay happy and upbeat so I debated about writing this for a while. But, it’s how I feel, and I realize that is what blogging is about.

3.  Sadly, I am finding out that you can’t really believe much of what anyone says. Don’t trust anyone. 

4.  Also, if someone says they are your friend, don’t believe it.

5.  Sometimes grown men act like babies.

6.  This reminds me of a quote from Ron Burgandy in “Anchorman (one of the greatest movies ever)”: “I’m not a baby, I’m a man.” The two are easily confused.

7.  Overly sensitive people suck. If you can’t take a joke, you are a sad, sad person.

8.   You also suck if you can’t tell someone why you are acting like a baby.

9.  Overall, people need to lighten up. Oh, and quit acting like babies.  

10.  Ah, I feel better. This expressing-your-feelings thing really helps.

10 for a hump day

14 04 2010

1.  A new favorite quote: “You rarely find a scintillating, fascinating, brilliant sexy person wearing Crocs.” I absolutely hate those things, and I appreciate that Dave Horwitz does, too. He is part of the team that writes the Dealbreaker blog. Funny stuff.

2.  It still frightens me that Crocs became as popular as they did.

3.  It seemed like everyone (except for me and a select few other smart people) wore those ugly, ugly things.

4.  The worst: the dress Croc. Apparently some people think that a black or brown Croc is a dress shoe if worn with socks.

5.  I’m not saying that I’m the most fashionable person (at ALL). But, I know better than to ever put those horrible, awful “shoes” on my feet.

6.  The only exception: they can look cute on small children. But, my advice is to never allow a child to wear them. You definitely don’t want to start a bad habit.

7.  I am a wee bit concerned about the Rays’ bullpen.

8.  Well, Randy Choate in particular.

9.  He has gotten rocked in all of his appearances.

10.  I’m debating about seeing Nelly in a Ray’s post-game concert in May. I love his name and such classics as “Hot in Herre.”

10 rays of hope

7 04 2010

1.  The Rays are off to a rockin’ start! 1-0, baby!

2.  They won the game in true 2008 fashion (bottom of the ninth win). Carl Crawford (or CC, as he known by those close to him) came through with the game-winning single.

3.  I sure hope the rest of the season mimics 2008. Except with a different result in the World Series.

4.  I still can’t believe that the 2008 season was not a dream. I sat through so many horrible, awful, disgusting Rays games prior to that year.

5.  I also still can’t believe that I went to an American League Championship Series game — game 7 at that!

Best sporting event I ever attended: 2008 ALCS game 7

6.  That has always been my dream: to go to a post-season baseball game. Goal accomplished. Now, I just want to go to more.

7.  Because I am so optimistic for the Rays’ season, I have looked through my photos from that glorious night in 2008.

8.  I noticed something interesting: I only see two players from this lineup who aren’t with the Rays this season. Good things happened in 2008. Good things can happen in 2010.

Yes, I am a dork. I took a picture of the lineup. But, you know what? I am so happy I took it! I will be classified as a dork.

9.  Watching the game on TV, I noticed a haze. I thought it was my TV. Apparently, in an ill-advised decision, the Rays used smoke in the pre-game introductions.

10.  That stuff really doesn’t blow away in a dome.

10 moos

6 04 2010

1.  My dog has always reminded me of a Holstein cow.

2.  That is what inspired her Halloween costume, as well as my urging for her to get a job at Chick-fil-A.

Maggie as a Chick-fil-A cow on Halloween

3.  Surely they can use a live mascot. Will work for chicken.

4.  It’s not only her black and white spots — it’s also her delight in food that lends to the cow comparisons.

5.  I think this dog must have been starved before I adopted her.

6.  Every time she eats, it’s like she’s never seen food before — and she may never see it again.

7.  She also enjoys grazing on grass.

Maggie out to pasture

8.  I’m sure my dog is quite happy that I have experience as a dairy farmer.

My time as a dairy farmer

9.  Of course, this was only a Halloween costume.

10.  But, I am fairly certain I know what I am doing.

Happy 10

4 04 2010

1.  Happy Easter! He is risen!

2.  Happy opening night! Yankees vs. Red Sox — does it get any better?

3.  Well, it would be better if I never had to see Kevin Youkilis bat again. His stance (and mannerisms in general) is extremely irritating to me.

4.  Dustin Pedroia also brings a lot of irritation.

5.  And, I guess it would be better if the Rays were playing. But, it’s still a fantastic match up.

6.  Derek Jeter looks fabulous (and is playing fabulously, too).

7.  I miss Johnny Damon in a Yankees uniform.

8.  Duke vs. Butler in the national championship game. I guess I am for Butler.

9.  Although I still can’t help but be a little sad thinking that it could have been Kansas State.

10.  Next year, baby!