10 still kinda sad ones

29 03 2010

1.  I am still kind of sad about Kansas State losing.

2.  That really seemed like their shot to make it to the Final Four … but they didn’t.

3.  Even a new hair color and new lip gloss haven’t completely lifted my mood.

4.  It is really ridiculous how much I let sports affect my life. This is exactly the reason I can’t let myself get involved in the NBA.

5.  I am going to try to move on to the excitement of the pending baseball season.

6.  Not only is April 4 Easter (one of my favorite holidays), it is also Yankees vs. Red Sox on Sunday Night Baseball. Go Yankees!

7.  Easter makes me think of ducks, which makes me miss my ducks.

8.  It also makes me think of Peeps. Yum!

9.  I am going to revise my comment that I am over Facebook: I am over Facebook on the computer.

10.  Now that I can access it from my phone, I am all about Facebook. It’s fabulous for passing time waiting in lines or at the airport.


10 sad ones

27 03 2010

1.  Apparently, double overtime really takes it out of a team.

2.  Apparently, it also makes a team shoot lots of bricks.

3.  That being said, Kansas State lost.

4.  It was a nice run, and a nice change from the norm (of sucky basketball).

5.  I will still wear my purple proudly.

6.  I guess I will root for Baylor in the tournament now — representin’ the Big 12!

7.  Although please note that if Kansas was still in the tournament, I would not root for them. In fact, I will never, never, never cheer for them. Ever.

8.  I feel like I still owe a great deal of gratitude to the University of Northern Iowa.

9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for beating those nasty Jayhawks.

10.  I tried to end this on a happy note, but I am still kind of sad.

10 powerful purple ones

26 03 2010

1.  Holy cow! Holy crapballs! Holy shirts and pants! Kansas State is in the Elite Eight!

2.  I NEVER thought I would see this.

3.  The basketball team sucked in a pretty major way when I was in school.

4.  Thank you, Bob Huggins. Thank you, Frank Martin, for sticking around.

5.  My dog is a huge Frank Martin fan. Huge.

She tries to claim that they are related ...


6.  After coming close to death during the game (due to near heart failure), I am happy to say that I have fully recovered today.

7.  Although I would appreciate it if Kansas State can just blow Butler out. Please. I’m thinking 30 points may be sufficient. No more of this double OT stuff. I can’t take it.

8.  The players felt it, too. I love this quote from the 20-year-old Jacob Pullen: “I may have some gray spots in my beard and my hair after that one. That one was stressful.”

9.  I think basketball is possibly the most intense sport. So much back and forth.

10.  Fight, you K-State Wildcats! For alma mater, fight (fight, fight, fight)! Glory in the combat for the purple and the white. Faithful to our colors, we will ever be. Fighting, ever fighting for a Wildcat victory. Go State!

10 from a slacker

23 03 2010

1.  I am a slacker. I haven’t updated in a while.

2.  Work is busy. Nights were busy with baseball games. Weekend was busy with baseball games.

3.  But, I still had time to update. Oh, well. Here’s to starting fresh … again!

4.  I went to my first sweet, sweet spring training games of the year.

5.  My favorite matchup: Yankees vs. Rays. I was for the Rays.

Oh, what a glorious night!

6.  Unfortunately, I had to cover up my BJ Upton shirt with a Rays hooded sweatshirt and two jackets over that. It is still too cold for Florida.

7.  I also looked very similar to the Michelin Man. Or Grimace. Take your pick.

8.  Carlos Pena hit a homerun, but the Rays lost.

9.  Derek Jeter looked fabulous as usual.

10.  How about Kansas State in the Sweet 16?!? I never thought I would see it happen. I am a happy girl. Even happier since Kansas lost to Northern Iowa (who?).

A Tuesday 10

16 03 2010

1.  I got the first baseball game of the season under my belt with many more to come.

2.  I saw an interesting mix of people playing in the charity game: former Major Leaguers (Brian Jordan to Goose Gossage), former NFL quarterback (Doug Flutie) and some country singer (Jason Aldean?). 

3.  I was frozen by the time the game was over. It is still too cold for Florida. You shouldn’t need to wear furry boots to a spring training game.

4.  Jessica Simpson was on Dave Letterman’s show last week. She was fabulous.

5.  The poor girl had to talk about her weight … AGAIN.

6.  Anyone that calls a size 2 fat is insane. Completely and totally insane.

7.  Her show, “The Price of Beauty” debuted last night. It rocked.

8.  I also watched “Kendra” on Sunday. I love her show.

9.  It was kind of sad because she is concerned about her weight, too.

10.  Apparently, I have a TV show type: ditzy blonde with weight “issues.”

10 on “that” day

11 03 2010

1.  I hate doing anything car related. (I know I am not supposed to hate, but I figure inanimate objects are fine … or so I’m hoping, parents.)

2.  I even hate getting gas. I dread it.

3.  So, you can imagine my joy when I realized I needed new brakes.

4.  But, I am happy to say that I sucked it up and took my car in (not before counseling and procrastination, but I did do it).

5.  And, I am also happy to say that my coworker friend lead me (literally, this place was tough to get to) to a wonderful place where I was not treated like the car moron that I am. Thank you, Theresa.

6.  I will be attending my first baseball game of the season on Sunday! I am pumped.

7.  It’s not an actual spring training game, but a charity game with former Major Leaguers (as well as other sports stars and celebrities).

8.  I think I am most excited to see Darren Daulton. I always liked him for some reason.

9.  My dad has put me on a mission to get Gaylord Perry’s autograph.

10.  He is better at autograph hunting (due to having longer arms, mainly), but I will give it a shot.


5 03 2010

1.  My quest to not get too involved in the NBA is failing somewhat.

2.  I got sucked into the Heat-Lakers game on Thursday night.

3.  How can anyone pass up D-Wade, Michael Beasley and Kobe? I don’t see it being possible.

4.  So, I watched the game. It went into OT. I loved it.

5.  Those dudes are beasts, but I am trying not to get too attached. The NBA will not become another sports league to take over my life.

6.  I saw “Shutter Island” a few weekends ago.

7.  I guess I didn’t find it necessary to mention it before now because it was pretty unmemorable.

8.  I love Leo, and I thought he was great, but I found myself laughing during serious parts of the movie.

9.  I guess it kept my attention and it was entertaining, but it was kind of strange, too.

10.  During the movie, I was introduced to one of the best combos ever: Milk Duds and popcorn. Thanks, Caroline. My life is now better because of this.