10 on the worst day of the week

25 02 2010

1.  I used to be anti fruit on salad. I recently turned pro.

2.  I now like apples, pears, cranberries or blueberries on salads.

3.  I forgot to mention this in my “I got a new phone!” post, but while I was waiting at Verizon (Note: Going at 1 p.m. on a weekday afternoon does not mean missing the crowd), I met a sports agent who represents baseball players.

4.  He was hoping Verizon could help him recover the 600+ (!!!) phone numbers he had in one of his three (!!!) phones. He dropped it in his pool that morning.

5.  Speaking of baseball, it is now officially the best time to live in Florida.

6.  I get a little irritated at people who claim they are too busy to eat lunch or too busy to go to the restroom.

7.  If you are really that busy, maybe you need a new job. Or maybe you’re Donald Trump.

8.  But, I have a feeling that you’re really not that busy, and everyone should expect that you can take five minutes to go grab lunch or go to the restroom.

9.  I also get a little irritated at people that can’t take the time to be nice.

10.  Actually it doesn’t take time or that much effort. Just do it!


10 doodles

23 02 2010

A Tuesday 10

23 02 2010

1.  I found one other way to not lose a softball game on Friday: not have enough people show up for the game.

2.  A forfeit isn’t technically a loss, is it?

3.  I have been somewhat slack in writing blog entries.

4.  But, I will get back on track. I’ve got nothin’ but time now …

5.  I’m always on a quest to make some money on the side, but not in the form of a second job. I just want something I can do on my time at home (who doesn’t?).

6.  Since the website I was writing product reviews for went defunct, I have now decided I am going to take online and mail surveys.

7.  I’ll let you know how that goes … I’m sure I will be raking in the cash soon.

8.  I am heading to Kentucky on Saturday to visit my friend. I am questioning why I chose to visit in February …

9.  I’m sure it will be fun, though, no matter how cold it is.

10.  My dog is really not going to appreciate being boarded and getting her shots while I am gone.

10 on my least favorite day

18 02 2010

1.  I watched a portion of “The Michael Vick Project.”

2.  I’m still not sure how I feel about him.

3.  I used to love him — he was the only reason I ever went to a Bucs game.

4.  I still giggle at his stint as Ron Mexico.

5.  I guess as long as he learns from his mistakes and doesn’t repeat them, he’s still OK by me.

6.  I am wondering if it would be better to have a blog with full, written entries — not random thoughts.

7.  Of course, I think, write and speak in random thoughts, so it might be fairly similar to this format — just without the numbers.

8.  I got a new (free) phone, and I love it!

9.  I also love the pink case I got for it (no purple available). 

10.  I also love Verizon Wireless, and their “new every two” program.

10 hearty ones

14 02 2010

1.  What’s up with all the happenings this weekend?

2.  Some weekends I am searching for things to do. This weekend, not so much. I am going to have to turn a few things down. (Sorry Willie Nelson. I still love you.)

3.  I try not to get too involved in the NBA because I feel like sports already rule my life. Adding the NBA will turn me into a sports-watching hermit.

4.  Although I must admit that as I am typing this draft (on Thursday night), I have on the Magic-Cavaliers game.

5.  I am just listening, though. And not fully. Or at least I am telling myself that.

6.  I do love an NBA game in person, though. They rock! I even saw Jorge Posada (my second favorite New York Yankee) at the last Magic game I went to.

7.  I am thinking of watching the NBA All-Star game tonight (and not get too involved).

8.  Happy Valentine’s Day! I love holidays, but I’m not the hugest fan of this day.

9.  Although some of the best parties I have ever been to were on Valentine’s Day.

10.  Bitter, single people plied with alcohol makes for fun parties.

Friday rocks, so here are 10

12 02 2010

1.  I think rain may be the only thing that keeps me from losing a softball game on Fridays.

2.  It is supposed to rain today. This means two non-losing Fridays in a row!

3.  I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” … again.

4.  I love this movie. It may be even working its way to my top 10 movie list.

5.  Guys get a little uncomfortable with the male nudity. I think it’s a nice change of pace, and it is a step in the right direction to equaling out nudity in movies.

6.  Guys don’t agree with me. AT ALL.

7.  I do love that the majority of the movie is set in Hawaii.

8.  It really is as beautiful as it appears.

Hawaii: favorite vacation destination of Elvis and Jina.

9.  Before anyone makes fun of my hat, I have very sensitive skin that burns within 10 minutes of being in the sun.

10.  Oh, and Elvis had the same one. He wore it in Hawaii almost 30 years earlier. You make fun of me, you make fun of Elvis. Not cool.

10 for a hump day

10 02 2010

1.  My plan was to do a top 10 list of Super Bowl commercials.

2.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think any were that great.

3.  I guess my favorite was the Doritos bark collar commercial.

4.  My dog tried to roll on a dead fish.

5.  Thankfully, I stopped her before she applied her “perfume.”

6.  Dogs love stinky stuff.

7.  It is cold again. Here I am wearing my mismatched winter wear (blue gloves, purple hat, purple scarf (but a different shade of purple than the hat) and black coat) again!

8.  I think I will be moving to Guam sooner than expected.

9.  Bert (from Sesame Street) may be the biggest muppet dork ever.

10.  His quote: “I love pigeons more than anything else in this world. Well, besides oatmeal.”