A lazy Sunday 10

31 01 2010

1.  Does anyone care about the Pro Bowl?

2.  I would consider myself a fan of the NFL, but I have no desire whatsoever to watch the Pro Bowl.

3.  They took away my only reason for watching it before — admiring the Hawaii scenery. 

My previous reason for watching the Pro Bowl: shots of Hawaii scenery

4.  I am excited about watching the Grammys tonight, though.

5.  I am anxiously awaiting the Michael Jackson tribute and the appearance by his kids.

6.  I may possibly cry. I hate to admit it, but there is a decent chance.

7.  Speaking of crying, Kansas State lost to Kansas last night 81-79 in overtime.

8.  Somehow, in St. Petersburg, Fla., I ended up at a bar with Kansas fans.

9.  I had the urge to kick them in the teeth, but I refrained.

10.  They were actually pretty nice (for KU fans). A little too touchy-feely, but nice.


Thursdays bite, but I still managed 10

28 01 2010

1.  Dozer, the white boxer, may need a home soon. I don’t know how I could ever resist. 

I think he is saying, "Jina rocks. I want to live with her."

2.  Plus, I always said “If Dozer ever needs a home, let me know,” not really thinking that would ever be the situation. 

3.  Now the trick will be getting him from Kansas to Florida.

4.  I will always try a new lip gloss: always.

5.  That being said, I recently got a new one to try.

6.  I didn’t really read much about it, I was just drawn to the melon scent, and the fact that it was called Yes to Carrots.

7.  After arriving home and inspecting (and trying out) my purchase, I realized it is certified USDA organic. I never even thought about organic lip gloss.

8.  Oh, and one of the ingredients is carrot.

9.  I called my dentist’s office this week for an appointment for a cleaning.

10.  I knew it wouldn’t be immediate, but I was hoping for an appointment in the next few months. First available appointment: June 1!

A hump day 10

27 01 2010

1.  Well, so much for the Vikings and Favre.

2.  I love that guy, but I somehow knew an interception was imminent.

3.  His Sears commercial is funny, and foretelling.

4.  Thanks to the Cowboys, Vikings and Chargers, I will now be rooting for my fourth choice in the Super Bowl, the Saints.

5.  Since I don’t really have a vested interest in the game, I can relax a little — and go to a Super Bowl party.

6.  I made a new rule for myself: if having more than one cup of coffee per day, I can only have cream in one cup (usually the first).

7.  Not really sure why I made that rule. I guess just to see if I could drink coffee without cream (I can!) and to save a few calories.

8.  I recently bought mints that claim to fight bad breath for three hours. I didn’t believe the claim, but for some reason, this didn’t stop me from buying them.

9.  I really don’t believe it now that I’ve tried them.

10.  I think gum is still the best option for fighting bad breath.

10 more on a Saturday

23 01 2010

1.  Go Favre! Go Vikings. I have always been fond of purple teams.

2. Unfortunately, my favorite purple team (Kansas State) loss to Oklahoma State today.

3.  And, unfortunately it was a close game so my stomach hurt.

4.  We did not lose a softball game on Friday night.

5. But, it was only because the game was rained out.

6.  Instead of softball, I played volleyball and managed to get on another losing team.

7.  I love mechanical pencils.

8.  I love sunglasses, too. My eyes are super sensitive, so I always have them on.

9.  I always have multiple pairs on hand because I have a habit of breaking them or losing them.

10.  I have a desire to watch “The Hangover” again tonight … for the fourth time.

A few (10) of my favorite things

21 01 2010

1.  Baseball

2.  Pickles

3.  Diet Dr. Pepper

4.  Tomatoes 

5.  Lip gloss

6.  Shoes

7.  Basketball

8.  Football

9.  Steak (rare please)

10.  Tulips

A very purple 10

19 01 2010

1.  Kansas State beat No. 1 Texas last night on Big Monday!

2.  To celebrate, I am wearing purple today (and carrying a purple purse and drinking from a purple water bottle and using purple text).    

 3.  I am so happy that K-State has a nationally ranked basketball team. Oh how I remember the suckiness of men’s basketball when I was in school.

4.  Although the football team did rock in a major way (and will again thanks to Bill Snyder). 

 5.  I am thankful that Frank Martin stayed behind after Bob Huggins left for West Virginia.

6.  I am not as thankful that Bobby Knight went into sports commentating.

7.  I thought it was cool that the commentators noted that the Kansas State student section was the most spirited they had seen and heard.

8.  I did not think it was cool that Bobby Knight did not like the chants of “Overrated” and “We own Texas.”

9.  He wanted more positivity. I find that humorous coming from him.

10.  Who thought it was a good idea to start a college basketball game at 9 p.m.?

A rare Saturday 10

16 01 2010

1.  I find “Two and a Half Men” to be the funniest sitcom (perhaps ever).

2.  Of course, I have always loved Charlie Sheen.

3.  I remember the “drudgery” of doing a report on him in my Film as Literature class in high school, which mainly just involved watching as many of his movies as possible and writing about them.

4.  I have never since done such a joyous report.

5.  I remember while watching “The Chase,” my friend and I both dreamed of being kidnapped my Charlie Sheen (every parent’s dream, I am sure).

Why do wins in this sport allude us so?

6.  Our first softball game of the season was last night. I really try to be a positive person, but I think we will suck again (in a major way).

7.  That being said, we lost.

8.  During the game I managed to jam my finger, and it is now twice its normal size.

9.  I am just extremely thankful it was not my ankle again. Note: NEVER seriously sprain your ankle.

10.  I am rarely ever serious, but this calls for it: I am praying for the people of Haiti. So, so sad.