Top 10 office events of 2009

31 12 2009

1.  The instance of a coworker backing up to another and asking, “Is there green stuff on my ass?” 

Ding-dong cupcakes

 2.  The  ding-dong event, party and cupcakes.

3.  The singing of cuss words. 

4.  The singing of “Carol of the Bells.” 

5.  The singing of almost everything. 

6.  The quoting of Anchorman

7.  The hunting for the mole. 

8.  The discussions for Halloween costumes (that never materialized). 

9.  The doggie shower for Nellie. 

10.  The discussions around word pronunciations (triathlon, Illinois, etc.). Of course, this is possibily due to the fact that I am a word nerd.


10 facts about me

30 12 2009

1.  I am a serious procrastinator.

2.  I overuse the phrase, “That rocks.”

3.  I once hated Peeps and got grossed out by anyone else eating them, but now they are a true love of mine. I even belong to the Peeps Fan Club. 

A true love

4.  I am addicted to celeb-reality shows. I love(d) “The TO Show,” “My Fair Brady,” “Girls Next Door,” “The Surreal Life” (especially when Jose Canseco was on), etc. I’ll even watch “For the Love of Ray J” or “Rock of Love.”

5.  The dog park makes me nervous. I’m always worried that my dog is going to climb the fence after a squirrel (which she has done multiple times), get attacked by a Greyhound (which happened once), or uncharacteristically attack a small child (which has never happened), but I keep going back.

6.  I’m terrified of dark water.

7.  I love sports. I love playing them (softball and volleyball) and watching them (baseball, football and basketball).

8.  I want to be in a boxer’s posse.

9.  I constantly bite my fingernails, which is why I had acrylic nails for SO long.

10.  I am clumsy.

10 loves

30 12 2009

1.  I love a new year.

2.  I love the idea of resolutions … although sadly I usually break mine.

3.  I love The Hangover. My fabulous boyfriend got if for me for Christmas, and I watched it again last night. 

4.  I love vacation days.

5.  I love long weekends.

6.  I love Diet Dr. Pepper. As mentioned previously, possibly the best beverage.

7.  I love pickles. I could live on them.

8.  I love warm weather.

9.  I love baseball. Countdown is officially on to spring training!

10.  I love purple. Always have, always will.

Sucky (or not) 10

29 12 2009

1.  Sometimes boys suck.

2.  Sometimes girls do, too.

3.  Sometimes work sucks.

4.  Most of the time it doesn’t, though.

5.  It doesn’t suck to live in Florida. My brother said he spent the last few days digging out of 10+” of snow.

6.  Going to bed early sucks. I just got used to my vacation schedule of going to bed at 1 a.m. and waking up at 9 a.m.

7.  Shopping doesn’t suck.

8.  But shopping at Wal-Mart on Dec. 23 sucks.

9.  Christmas doesn’t suck. I had the best time with my dad and boyfriend. Hallelujah for Jesus’ birth!

10.  Taking down Christmas decorations sucks.

A few (10) of my favorite (Christmas) things*

16 12 2009

1.  Lights

2.  Christmas trees

3.  Chinese food on Christmas Eve (strange family tradition)

4.  Decorations

5.  Specialty drinks at Starbucks (hello, caramel brulee latte minus the whipped cream)

6.  Christmas music (Elvis in particular)

7.  “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (love this show)

8. Christmas Vacation

9.  Vacation days and holidays

10.  Presents

* Inanimate things

Delayed 10

14 12 2009

1.  I made another attempt at painting a wine glass. It is better than the first, but still not what I envisioned. It’s becoming clear to me that I am not as artistic as I envisioned.

2.  In another artistic endeavor, I molded angels from clay (this part went surprisingly well) and painted them (this part did not go so well). They look like a toddler’s art project. I probably should have realized this was not a good idea after the wine glasses …

3.  I’m starting to realize that I could do a top 10 of bad art projects (all completed by yours truly).

4.  I’m starting to realize that I will never have a top 10 of good art projects.

One of my new favorite quotes

5.  One of my new favorite quotes came from a Dove chocolate wrapper. Not being a fan of chocolate, I have my boyfriend to thank for eating enough chocolate for the both of us.

6.  Another new favorite quote from Terrell Owens (on being signed to the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency): “When you’ve got some good looks like myself, you’ve got to take full advantage of it.”

7.  One of my old favorite quotes: “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” — John Lennon

8.  I can’t help but think of the Frosted Flakes (Tony the Tiger) song whenever I hear of Tiger’s “transgressions.” Show ‘em you’re a tiger. Show ‘em what you can do.

9.  My grandpa loved telling a story about my dad throwing a fit in a restaurant because they did not have Frosted Flakes.

10.  I think Diet Dr. Pepper may be the best beverage ever invented.

The power of 10

4 12 2009

1.  I’ve felt like being artistic lately, so I tried painting a wine glass. Key word: tried. It didn’t come out so hot. This is when I realized my “being artistic” was an attempt.

2.  It seems like people are either pro clear Christmas lights or pro multicolor Christmas lights, not both. To me, clear = modern, classy; multicolor = traditional. I’ll go with tradition every time. Not sure if that means I’m not classy …

3.  Maggie, my fabulous dog, has her own version of smiling.

Maggie's version of smiling

4.  Does LL Cool J have ab implants? I’ve heard this from two guys (one being my boyfriend and another being his friend), but no one else. A Google search only yielded four results (with half denying this ridiculous claim). One even had a quote from the man himself: “There are so many people speculating over what they think that I am doing. Is he doing steroids? Did he get plastic surgery? It tells me they cheat, and they’re cheaters. They’re not willing to make the sacrifices necessary, and go through the pain necessary, in order to get in the best shape they can possibly be, so they don’t believe I am willing to do it either.” Tell ‘em, LL!

5.  I ordered my first sets of spring training tickets yesterday. Less than three months until that glorious time known as spring training begins!

6.  I got my brother a “Hanging with my gnomies” T-shirt for Christmas. It makes me giggle.

7.  “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” may quite possibly be the best Christmas classic.

8.  Rain, rain go away. Come again on a non-softball day.

9.  I’m debating attending a Kansas State alumni event in Miami in January. Watching a Heat game, shooting a free throw on the Heat court and a meet-and-greet with Michael Beasely? It doesn’t get much better.

10.  Oh, the joys of Friday!