The beginning 10

30 11 2009

Oh, how I love a good top 10 list. Brief and to the point, these are the sweet gems of the writing world, in my opinion. So what better way to do a blog than a top 10 list of random thoughts? “I can’t think of a better way,” I said to myself. So here it is. Ten thoughts per blog post. Brief and to the point, for your reading pleasure.

1.  Why Scribbling Candy? Well, a random drawing actually (thanks to the brillance of a coworker). Verbs in one pile. Nouns in another. I drew Scribbling Candy, and I fell in love. I like the idea of scribbling out sweet treats. Plus, who isn’t a fan of candy?

2.  A title (or headline) is always the hardest part for me. Thanks to the random drawing, it was chosen for me.

3.  Other favorites: Jumping Eraser, Waving Tomato, Singing Mango and Jumping Sock.

4.  An incredibly boring one: Climbing Rock.

5.  Why a top 10 list? I absolutely adore them! I love their briefness the most, I think. Who doesn’t have time to read a top 10 list (or write one)?

6.  I have been thinking of starting a blog for almost five years. Apparently they take a lot of thought.

7.  Thanks to the encouragement (and prodding) from some friends, it finally came to fruition.

8.  I have an agricultural journalism degree, so writing has been a part of my professional life for quite some time. The personal writing side has been severely lacking, though.

9.  I love the idea of writing something personal every day. Of course, this is an idea. I’m not sure if it will actually happen.

10.  Blogging world, here I come!




2 responses

30 12 2009

The world needs the writing of Jina M. Martin. Got get ’em.

5 01 2010

Thanks, D!

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