Yes, I’m a slacker

11 08 2011

If you think I’m slacking on this blog, you’re right.

I’m focusing my efforts elsewhere: So please come check me out there.

And, yes. I realize this isn’t in the typical 10 random thoughts format. I just didn’t have it in me today. Sorry.


A nervous (but no need) 10

29 07 2011

1.  So, since I started taking this running thing seriously (and my seriously may not match to others’ definitions of seriously, but I mean running consistently and running races … all 5k races to this point, but races nonetheless), I always get nervous at the prospect of running with other people.

2.  I assume I’ll be the slowest, worst runner and be a pain to whoever has the misfortune of running with me.

3.  Thankfully, this never seems to be the case, but this is my assumption every single time.

4.  So, when a girl invited me to a running group, I was, as usual, nervous.

5.  I avoided it … err, um, had things to do for many weeks.

6.  This week, I finally made it.

7.  My visions of an elite running group of 15 people who run 4-minute miles, with slow Jina stumbling behind them, did not materialize.

8.  The group: 100+ people of all different running (and even walking) levels.

9.  And, guess what? I wasn’t the slowest. And, even if I was, with so many people (who started running at different times between 6-6:30 p.m.), no one would know.

10.  But, most importantly, I had fun (and did something healthy in the process).

10 about two favorites

11 07 2011

1.  Two of my favorite things are dogs and baseball. Combine the two, and it’s an ideal situation.

2.  Thankfully, on Saturday, I got to do just that.

3.  The Clearwater Threshers (single A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies — boo!) had Bark at the Park. You could bring your dog to the game. Tickets for dogs were $5, with the money going to the Humane Society of Pinellas.

4.  Chloe wanted to go, so she bought a ticket and hit the game.

5.  Walking through the concourses was a bit hectic with food stands and dogs, and dogs crisscrossing across the concourse to get to either food stands or other dogs.

6.  Luckily there is plenty of grass at the stadium, and that was a favorite gathering spot for the dogs.

7.  After walking around the stadium and meeting lots of friends, we found a spot to enjoy the game.

Chloe resting after a walk around the stadium

8.  Chloe sat on the ground by the aisle for a bit so she could greet dogs and people.

9.  Then, she decided to move to a seat to enjoy the rest of the game.

Chloe intently watching the game

10.  She actually seemed entertained watching the game. Perfect for her baseball-loving owner!

A remembering MJ 10

25 06 2011

1.  Two years ago today, the King of Pop died.

2.  It is one of those days that I’ll always remember.

3.  Two years ago, I was surprised at the sadness I felt. I’m surprised I still feel that sadness now.

4.  I’m not the crazy-obsessed Michael Jackson fan. I reserve that for Jessica Simpson and Jose Canseco.

5.  But, I’ve always loved his music and his moves.

6.  And, he’s been with me throughout my life. I remember roller skating to his music in the early days, dancing to it at school dances and doing both still today. (Side note: The roller rink floor is a lot farther down than it used to be, and there are all these kids flying by at knee level. YIKES!)

7.  I can’t determine a favorite song. I can’t even think of one I don’t like. Lately, I’ve been jamming to “Human Nature.”

8.  I do have a favorite video: “Smooth Criminal.”

9.  While watching MJ videos today, I found a cool a cappella tribute.

10.  Keep rockin’, MJ!

10 about the vest

16 06 2011

1.  I can’t say I was sad when I learned of Jim Tressel’s resignation.

2.  I’ve always felt that the former Ohio State football coach was too goody-goody to be true, and that turned out to be true.

3.  Tressel’s willingness to bend the rules and overlook violations contradicted everything he stood for (supposedly).

4.  I got so sick of Ohio State fans touting his squeaky-clean image and his squeaky-clean program. Oops. Guess he or it isn’t so squeaky clean.

5.  The “that would never happen at Ohio State” comment is now null and void. Thank goodness. I really got tired of hearing it.

6.  I think my dislike of Tressel developed because Ohio State is always on TV.

7.  And, they have those stupid stickers on their helmets. I despise those stickers. Why do they treat college-age men like first graders?

Yes, I belong to a man, not an elementary-age child.

8.  Another irritation: The Ohio State University. Ugh. That sounds so uppity.

9.  And, the sweater vest. I like sweater vests on guys; I think it’s a good look. I just don’t seem to like coaches in sweater vests (Rick Neuheisel, ugh. Jim Tressel, ugh.).

10.  I love the billboard in Michigan that reads: “LIAR, LIAR, VEST ON FIRE!” Awesome. Just awesome.

OK, so it has its 10 good points, too

13 06 2011

1.  Well, after the last post, I felt a little bad — like I dissed my homeland.

2.  The Midwest is a really lovely place, and there are many wonderful things about it.

3.  Like barbecue. Holy cow (and pig)! Kansas City barbecue can’t be beat (especially Arthur Bryant’s).

Yes, I like pickles. OK, LOVE pickles (and sliced pork).

4.  Aside from the “Friends in Low Places” sing-a-long, watching a baseball game at an outdoor stadium is a treat. And with the recent remodeling, Kauffman Stadium is a very lovely place to watch a game.

5.  A sweet (yet very slobbery) dog lives there.

The slobber monster, Dude (my brother’s dog)

6.  Another sweet dog (or pig?) resides there.

The cookie monster, Rodeo (my sister-in-law’s dog)

7.  The prevalent use of the word “pop” to describe soda rocks my world.

Pop, I love. Hogwash? Not sure …

8.  The best university ever resides in the state: Kansas State University (and a large percentage of people wear purple).

9.  My rockin’ brother and sister-in-law live there.

Two awesome people

10.  My awesome dad lives there, too.

He's not in Kansas anymore (in this photo)

I don’t wanna live here 10

6 06 2011

1.  Since I moved from Kansas almost nine years ago (Holy crapola! Time flies), I kept thinking it was a slight possibility (and maybe a slight desire) that I would move back.

2.  I love-love-love Florida, but Kansas still feels like home. But after this trip, I just don’t want to move back anymore.

3.  Family is in Kansas, and that is the only thing that could draw me back.

3.  Getting off the plane in late May to cloudy, rainy and cold weather is totally unacceptable to me.

4.  Living in a small town is just not for me anymore either. I love city life.

5.  I need more entertainment options than eating out or watching a movie. I need more entertainment options that are available and open 24 hours per day (not just in the summer months or not just until 10 p.m.).

6.  I need diversity (people, food, culture).

7.  I want to go to a Major League Baseball game and not have a sing-a-long to Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.” Um, seriously?

I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture during the Garth Brooks' sing-a-long. I think I was in shock, making camera use impossible.

8.  I enjoy not having allergies … to everything.

9.  I enjoy not having the weather be my main topic of conversation (or Facebook status). I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “It was cold yesterday” or “It’s really hot today.”

10.  Did I mention the weather? I hate the cold.